Yeliz Koc: This is how she and her unborn baby are

Yeliz Koc
So it is with her and her unborn baby

Yeliz Koc is currently expecting her first baby.

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After her fall and a hospital stay, Yeliz Koc is back on Instagram. The baby is doing well so far, she explains.

Shock moment with the heavily pregnant Yeliz Koc (27): The girlfriend of actor, singer and presenter Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29) fell on Friday and then had to go to the hospital “for control”, like her reported in an Instagram story. Fans and followers have now received a detailed health update from the 27-year-old. She and her unborn daughter are “luckily” doing well. But since she slipped when getting out of the bathtub and fell on her tailbone, Koc still suffers from severe pain.

“I was afraid for the little one and then immediately started crying because this shock was so extreme for me,” reports the ex-“Bachelor” candidate. She then phoned her gynecologist who recommended that she go to the hospital. A CTG then showed that the baby is fine. “After a while I noticed that I could no longer sit, I could no longer get up, it hurt so much,” explains Koc. She is currently also no longer able to walk: “The pain runs through my legs.”

Birth in eight weeks

It is “really really bad” and she does not know what a curse lies on her, “why I always have so much bad luck and am punished with everything,” said Koc. Before that, she had never fallen. But she is glad that her unborn baby is doing well, “otherwise something could have happened”. The birth would be in eight weeks, until then the 27-year-old hopes for a quick recovery.

In mid-August of last year, Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht appeared on Instagram, making their relationship public. In February 2021, they announced the pregnancy.