Yellow card from the regulator to Sud Radio for racist comments on André Bercoff’s show

These remarks were made in the program “Bercoff in all its stateson March 18, 2022. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

Arcom sent a formal notice to the station, after remarks by ideologue Renaud Camus “inviting hatred” of immigrants during a program by André Bercoff in 2022.

The Sud Radio station received a formal notice from the media regulator after comments by the ideologue Renaud Camus “inciting hatredof immigrants during a program by André Bercoff in 2022. At the center of this warning from the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication (Arcom), the program “Bercoff in all its states» of March 18, 2022 in which the writer was invited.

The presenter, André Bercoff,opened the antenna of the service for more than half an hour to a person whose ideas are known, without bringing him any contradiction and by approving part of the remarks made, which characterizes a lack of control of the antenna“, notes the Arcom in its decision. Received on the occasion of the publication of two works, Renaud Camus has “particularly expressed on the concept of great replacement of which he is one of the authors and main propagators», Specifies the independent authority.

By detailing this concept, which for the writer means “the replacement of French”” by immigrants, Renaud Camus “described this group of people as a whole in a disturbing way by employing a vocabulary and resorting to historical comparisons that incite hatred and violence“against him, believes the regulator. Renaud Camus also haspaints a disturbing image of immigrants as a whole by presenting them as refusing any integration into French society” And “as having a will to dominate“, he continues.

The far-right writer thus described the “great replacement” of “”demographic colonizationmore serious and deeper than previous colonizations, genocide by substitutionof migratory submergenceof ethnic cleansing or even of Nazi practice“”, notes the Arcom. “These comments are likely to arouse a feeling of rejection and fear towards these people, thus encouraging discriminatory behavior against them because of their origin, their non-membership of the French nation and their race.“, notes the policeman of the media in his decision. A formal notice from the regulator may precede, in the event of repeated breaches, a sanction.

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