Yellow, green, white, dotted: All 2023 tour ratings at a glance

Yellow, green, white, spotted
All tour ratings 2023 at a glance

Who is leading the battle for the yellow jersey at the 2023 Tour de France? Who is the best sprinter and can hope to reach Paris in green. Who comes best over the mountains and wears the dotted jersey, which young driver is particularly strong – and which team shows the best team performance? The rating categories at a glance.

Yellow jersey

The overall leader of the Tour de France has worn the yellow jersey since 1919. If two drivers are at the same time to the second, the hundredths of a second from the individual time trial or the daily placings are used. The record holder is Belgian Eddy Merckx, who wore yellow for a total of 111 days.

Green jersey

The top scorer in the Tour de France has worn the green jersey since 1953. Since this rating is mostly won by sprinters because of the flat stages’ higher scoring system, it is also commonly called the sprint rating. The record winner is Slovakia’s Peter Sagan with seven triumphs between 2012 and 2019.

Polka Dot Jersey

The dotted jersey for the best climber was introduced for the first time in 1975, but has been honored since 1933. The first winner in this category was the Spaniard Vincente Trueba, the first winner in the polka dot jersey was the Belgian Lucien van Impe. With a total of six victories, van Impe is in second place in the all-time Bergkönig leaderboard together with the Spaniard Federico Bahamontes behind the Frenchman Richard Virenque, who has won this ranking seven times.

White jersey

In addition to the polka dot jersey, the 1975 Tour also introduced the white jersey for the best rider under the age of 26.

team score

The team ranking has been determined since 1930, until 1961 on a national basis. The drivers competed for their country and thus practically in national teams. Since 1962, the ranking has been valid for individual cycling teams, for which riders from different countries can compete.

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