“Yellow vests”: the risk of a return of “blockages and violence” exists, according to Manuel Valls

The former prime minister believes that France is “a country of rebels” and that the risk of an increase in violence cannot be ruled out in the years to come.

Guest of Europe 1 this Sunday, the former Prime Minister Manuel Valls estimated that a movement like that of the “yellow vests” could happen again, because “these risks of blockages and violence exist“. For him, France isa country of rebelsand this resurgence of violence is therefore conceivable. According to the former Minister of the Interior, this violence could be exacerbated, “all the more so as political leaders, on the far right and on the far left, continue to push them“.

“My adversary is mélenchonisme”

Manuel Valls, also a legislative candidate in the 5th constituency of French people living abroad under the Renaissance presidential banner, attacks the New Popular Ecological and Social Union, which brings together the main left-wing parties under a single banner in the elections. legislative, and believes that the risk of cohabitation cannot be ruled out. “In a democracy, nothing is impossible“, said the Franco-Spanish in this regard.

My opponent in this campaign is the extremes“, also specifies Manuel Valls. “My opponent is mélenchonisme, any candidate of this Popular Union is a mélenchoniste candidate“. According to the former interior minister,any candidate mélenchoniste carries a program. And voting for this Mélenchonist candidate (…) is voting for a candidate who is against Europe, against the Atlantic alliance, against the police and security and voting against nuclear power, but also getting out of the culture of government.»

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