Yellowstone Canceled!: Paramount Confirms Ending After Season 5


There have been rumors for a long time, now it is sad certainty: “Yellowstone” ends with the current 5th season. Netzwelt reveals how the story of the Duttons then continues on Paramount+.

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner as John Dutton

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner as John Dutton (Credit: Paramount+)

  • “Yellowstone” is still an international series success, but the western hit ends with season 5.
  • The reason for this is Kevin Costner’s desire not to be in front of the camera as often for the series.
  • However, a spin-off starring Matthew McConaughey has already been confirmed.

Paramount+ stream the first 4 seasons of “Yellowstone”.

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“Yellowstone” without Kevin Costner as John Dutton is not possible – not only do numerous fans of the Paramount+ series think so, but also Paramount itself. This explains why the successful western series will now come to an end after the current 5th season, like Deadline confirmed.

Already in the last few months there have been repeated reports of problems behind the scenes. Costner is said to have been unhappy with his filming times, while series creator Taylor Sheridan insisted that Costner, as the show’s star, should be cast in episodes as often as he should.

Such disagreements meant that only the first half of Season 5 of “Yellowstone” has been filmed and aired so far. The situation was also unfortunate for the other stars from “Yellowstone”, after all they never knew when they would be called back to the set.

According to the current status, the remaining episodes are to be shot from August 2023 and broadcast from November. However, it’s not yet certain if Costner will even return for these final episodes, if his role will need to be downsized, or if the scripts have yet to be written or adjusted.

The ongoing writers’ strike is currently making it impossible to write or revise new scripts, which is why the final episodes of Season 5 could be delayed even further. One thing is certain: In the best-case scenario, we still have 6 episodes with Costner as John Dutton.

Next up is Matthew McConaughey

However, Paramount doesn’t want to give up the cash cow called “Yellowstone” and has therefore announced another spin-off, this time starring Matthew McConaughey. Nothing is known about the plot yet, but it is suspected that the spin-off will follow right after the end of “Yellowstone”, which could mean that numerous cast members from the main series could easily migrate to the spin-off.

The end of “Yellowstone” would really only be the end of the story of John Dutton and thus of Kevin Costner himself, who was clearly behind the series at the beginning, but has wanted to invest less and less time in the series in recent years. The question remains whether fans of the series will accept Matthew McConaughey as Costner’s replacement.

In Germany you can currently see the first 4 seasons of “Yellowstone” on Paramount+, you can see the 8 episodes from season 5 that have been released so far on Amazon Prime Video via the Sony AXN channel.

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