Yesterday’s rolls: this is how they get crispy and fresh again

Bake the rolls
Yesterday’s bread rolls taste crispy and fresh again

Bread rolls still taste fresh the next day.We’ll tell you in the video what you should pay attention to.


Yesterday’s rolls taste dry and sticky? We’ll tell you tricks how they’ll still taste freshly baked the next day.

Almost every breakfast table in Germany is regularly covered with a wide variety of rolls – and not all of them are eaten immediately. In fact, leftover breakfast treasures are an unjustifiably ignored delicacy. In supermarkets they are often considered to be no longer fresh after three hours and are disposed of, but it is actually quite easy to make older baked goods fresh and crispy again.

Bread rolls from the day before – this is how you make baked goods fresh again

The best thing is that you don’t have to be a professional baker to get the old rolls back on track. You already have everything you need in your kitchen. If you want to know how bread rolls taste like fresh from the bakery even one day after you’ve bought them, watch the video.

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