Yoga outfit: You should pay attention to this when buying

yoga outfit
This is how it works with the right ensemble

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In order for your yoga outfit to support you in your asanas, there are a few criteria that must be met. We’ll show you what they are.

You want to start yoga to be more relaxed and energetic? Then start with the right ensemble, because the yoga outfit is already half the battle. Most importantly, it is sits comfortably and doesn’t keep you from your exercises, also called asanas, because something pinches or slips. A soft and at the same time firm fabric that absorbs your sweat during asanas, is therefore ideal. In addition, both your pants and your top should fit snugly so that the yoga teacher can see your asanas and improve them if necessary. It is therefore not uncommon for many women to do their exercises in a classic sports bra. Incidentally, this also applies to the entire outfit, because of course you can also use your conventional sportswear for yoga, provided that it meets the criteria mentioned. A small note: pants or tops with the “Yoga” label often have the advantage that they already fulfill these requirements, but can sometimes be a bit more expensive.

We’ll show you everything that goes into a yoga outfit

  1. Sports bra
  2. Yoga leggings or pants
  3. top
  4. socks

Sports bra

Bras have the characteristic of not always being comfortable, especially when they are underwired and designed to provide support. But sports bras are usually anything but uncomfortable to wear and are even integrated into everyday life as a piece of clothing by some. Like every piece of your yoga collection, the bra should sweat absorbing be and have no scratchy seams. So choose one out of one soft fabric like lyocell or polyamide – the material from which nylon stockings are made. In the right ratio, it lies velvety on the skin and is as tear-resistant as polyester.

Yoga leggings or pants

As already mentioned, the pants should ideally be a leggings so that you too can observe and adjust your own movements. So that it does not pinch or pinch the waistband, it is best if no rubber band was used and the Hem finely sewn became.

An alternative to leggings is the well-known harem pants, but they are less suitable for hot yoga and beginners because, among other things, they cannot absorb your sweat. If you still feel uncomfortable with leggings, then grab one yoga pants with straight or slightly flared legs. By the way, this shape is also ideal for pregnant women suitable.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that your pants opaque is.

Top – long sleeve or tank top

In yoga, it happens that some asanas take place upside down. Therefore, the top should – whether tank top or long sleeve – don’t sit loosely, but lie close to the body, so that it does not slip over your head during the exercise. Again, the fabric should absorb your sweat during exercise and fast drying so that you can go on with your asanas without worrying about it.

Socks with anti-slip nubs

Most yoginis do their practices barefoot, but if you tend to have cold feet or are uncomfortable doing the asanas barefoot, then do it use non-slip socksthat are breathable.

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