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The family of ice cream makers is already quite large: ice cream makers, ice cream makers, Italian ice cream machines, etc. The concept of the Yonanas Classic ice machine is unique: making ice cream healthy with a melting texture from frozen fruit uniquely. But in Yonanas, there are bananas : by adding pieces of cut banana to the preparations, we obtain a texture quite similar to ice cream. The device also makes it possible to carry out sorbets healthy with the fruits of his choice. And a few other treats too.

After a small success in the United States, the Yonanas ice machine is now arriving in France and Europe with its Classic modelat less than 80 euros, and its Deluxe version, less than 130 euros. The latter, available in two colors, is equipped with a more powerful motor and comes with a booklet of 75 recipes. And if you are hesitant with other models, read our comparison of the best ice cream makers on the market.

Yonanas Classic Ice Cream Maker, Plastic, Gray

Expert rating: 3.5/5

  • Design: 3/5
  • Getting started: 4.5/5
  • Features: 2/5
  • Interview : 4.5/5

A sober design (perhaps a little too much)

The design of the Yonanas Classic ice machine is rather elegant and sober. The accessories are black and the engine block is made of gray metal (aluminum).

However, the communication around the product is fun and colorful, and we would perhaps have liked to see models of the Yonanas Classic ice machine in shimmering colors. Note that the Deluxe version is available in 2 colors: black and red.

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The ice machine, space-saving (dimensions: ‎18 cm x 12 cm x 30 cm), has a non-slip base and weighs just over 1 kg. It therefore finds its place on a work surface and is easy to store in a kitchen cupboard, even if you have a small kitchen. A good point for her. We can also easily transport it on (summer) vacation to enjoy healthy homemade sorbets at your vacation spot.

Another downside to its design: the materials used are plastic (for the accessories) and aluminum (for the base). We would have liked stainless steel, for example, more durable, even if the device would have been heavier.

Intuitive handling

We took the Yonanas Classic ice machine out of its box to carry out our test and were able to assemble and use it immediately.

There handling is indeed very intuitive. The device is made up of 5 elements, in addition to the motor block: the chute and the plunger to be inserted into it, the bottom cap to be assembled with the seal and the cone of blades (to be handled with care). We quickly understand how to assemble the elements with each other.

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This does not prevent you from taking a look at the user manual – a good reflex to adopt before using any household appliance, even the simplest. Especially since a complete and clear instructions for use accompanies the machine. There is a description of the parts and instructions for assembly and disassembly in particular.

The Yonanas Classic is as easy to disassemble as to assemble. Practical for cleaning and storing it. The operation of the device is also simple: a single on/off button allows you to start and stop the machine.

A single feature for a limited number of recipes

The Yonanas Classic ice machine has only one feature: it transforms frozen and cut into pieces into sorbet with creamy texture – as long as you add a banana – and to enjoy immediately. It is in fact the banana which brings sugar and a texture close to ice cream to the preparations.

No added sugar, for recipes healthyand no cream, a good thing for vegan. And of course, no added preservatives. The device allows you to prepare creamy sorbets with banana and other fruits. Or classic sorbets with the fruits of your choice. Fruit must always be washed, peeled, cut and frozen (minimum 24 hours), then taken out of the freezer 10 minutes before making the recipe.

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It is possible to achieve several recipes with the Yonanas Classic. The booklet of 36 recipes supplied with the device (75 if you opt for the Deluxe version) offers creative and gourmet ideas: cream biscuits, revisited tiramisu, mango avocado sorbet, mojito, coconut Yonanas, etc. But if you want to get the texture of ice cream, you have to love bananas! THE taste (pronounced) of banana in each preparation can be boring.

The Yonanas Classic ice machine is relatively effective, frozen fruit pieces are transformed into sorbets in seconds. We nevertheless found the somewhat small neck, which does not allow you to prepare a lot of ice cream at once. The fruit pieces must also be cut quite finely.

There is a little leftover fruit in the neck and on the cone of blades after preparation, fruit that must be collected and added to the recipe to avoid any waste. The device does not produce fruit waste since it uses pieces of already prepared fruit.

Simple and effective maintenance

To clean the ice machine, you must start by disassemble the device. To do this, you must (easily) detach the 5 elements (chute, plunger, bottom cap, seal, blade cone) from the engine block. These latter wash easily and quickly. A very good point!

All the accessories are dishwasher safe, in the top basket. They can also be washed by hand, with lukewarm water, a brush and soap. An ultra-practical little extra: the dishwashing brush passes through the chute, for good, simple and complete cleaning. Even the blade cone is easy to clean.

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This is one of the qualities of the machine: none of its parts are inaccessible or difficult to maintain. If there are some fruit marks on the engine block, just use a damp cloth to clean it. Same thing for cleaning the motor blocks of all small household appliances.

A little maintenance advice, for perfect hygiene and saving time: clean your device and its accessories just after use, so that the fruit does not stick.

The best alternatives to the Yonanas Classic ice machine

The cost of the Yonanas Classic ice cream machine seems a little high to us for only preparing sorbets. Between ice cream makers which allow you to make ice cream after placing the bowl of the appliance in the freezer, ice cream turbines which cool and mix the ingredients to make ice cream and Italian ice cream makers, there is no shortage of choice .

The ice cream maker Lagrange 409001 allows you to easily make sorbets and ice creams. Simply place the bowl in the freezer so that it is very cold, then place the ingredients in the machine (fruit, cream or chocolate for example).



The ice cream machine Magimix 11660 also allows you to prepare sorbets and ice creams after cooling the tank in the freezer. Its advantages: a stainless steel tank and the availability of its spare parts for 10 years.

Image of Ninja CREAMi Deluxe Ice Cream and Frozen Drink Maker NC501EU

Ninja CREAMi Deluxe Ice Cream and Frozen Drink Maker NC501EU


We appreciated the Yonanas Classic ice machine for making sorbets, but his “ice cream” did not convince us. While the banana recipe is nice, we can’t imagine making and eating only banana-based ice creams – even mixed with other fruits, banana has a strong taste.

The Yonanas Classic will appeal to lovers of sorbetswho will find creative ideas in the recipe booklet provided… and on the Internet of course.

Expert rating: 3.5/5

Image of Yonanas Classic Ice Cream Maker, Plastic, Gray

Yonanas Classic Ice Cream Maker, Plastic, Gray

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