Yoni's egg to increase its sexual energy tenfold

Have you ever heard of these little stone eggs which, placed in our vagina, would give us their thousand virtues for our health? Origin, exercises, benefits, price … we give you all the information on the surprise egg of the perineum.

As is often the case in the wellness field, the yoni egg, or energetic egg, has come out of anonymity thanks to the indescribable Gwyneth Paltrow, master of all kinds of feel-good practices. However, the yoni egg existed long before Goop, the actress’s website, and long before Gwyneth herself since it is inherited from the Taoist tradition. Originally, it seems that his practice was exclusively taught in China to queens and concubines to offer the emperor three-star pleasure.

What is yoni egg?

To put it simply, and as the name suggests, the yoni egg is an ovoid object in precious or semi-precious stone which, placed in the vagina, allows to train the muscles of its perineum, but also, thanks to the virtues of the different stones used, to make the woman's body benefit from the energies diffused by the stones. In Sanskrit, "yoni" means "female genital organ". As for the shape of the egg, it symbolizes fertility, life, rebirth and protection. Size, material, pierced or not, objective …, if the principle seems simple, you will have to dig into the large choice offered by this "magic egg" to find the one that suits your body or at every moment of your life in the very large lot offered by specialized sites.

What size ?

Precision story to visualize: the largest of the yoni eggs is smaller than those of our fridge. Reassured? At most sellers, there are three sizes of yoni eggs, the smallest around 20×20 mm (a bit like a pharmacy ovum) and the largest measuring up to 5 cm high by 3.5 cm at its widest place. Eggs weigh around 90g maximum. Paradoxically, it is advisable to start with a large egg (preferably pink quartz) because the smaller the object, the more the muscles will have to work to "hold" it in the body. On the other hand, the large egg is heavier, and will be able to slide more easily. It is therefore advisable to start your elongated practice, one to two hours, before venturing into the rest of the apartment (or on the street) and testing your just numb muscles.

Specialists advise women who have already had pregnancies (and whose perineum is often less toned after childbirth) to start with the large size before switching to the medium egg after about two weeks of practice. Women under the age of 40 who have not had a baby can start directly with the average egg. The pros of the perineal muscle glide one to two small eggs, calm and full of confidence in their body.

What are its benefits ?

In addition to its energy benefits, yoni egg also has physical properties. Women who have already had one or more pregnancies know this: after delivery, their perineum is rehabilitated. Indeed, subject to the weight of the baby but also to its passage at the end of the journey, our pelvic floor takes a hit. In addition to the physiotherapy sessions of the perineum, the practice of the yoni egg also allows to remuscify this "hammock" which supports our organs and which, in women, is pierced with three successive orifices: anus, vagina and urethra (or in reverse order depending on where you are).

When we laugh, when we carry a heavy load, when we cough …, our perineum is constantly called upon. And if it's soft, it's the cat. Also, just like you do not zap your abs, doing some daily physical exercise on the side of your pelvic floor can prove to be much more important for our body and our health than sculpting shock tablets for the summer. Building muscle on a good floor means avoiding leakage of urine (don't you dare to see your funny girlfriends anymore? Come on, a little cure of quartz eggs!), Organ descends ("hold on, my bladder!" ), but it also allows you to stimulate your libido and increase your sexual pleasure and that of our partner, which is now much more invigorated.

How to use it and (especially) remove it?

Like a tampon, the yoni egg is placed directly in the vagina. For the first few times, it is recommended to insert it lying or sitting on the edge of a bed, and to be relaxed, available, ready to accept with confidence this new "product" full of good intentions. Fear not, the egg cannot go far and will not come out through your mouth, any more than it will wander in your intestines, natural physiognomic realities oblige. For the less reassured, some eggs are pierced in order to pass a thread (some use neutral dental floss) which is allowed to protrude so that they can then be removed more easily.

Pierced or not, this is the question that teases many fanatics of yoni eggs. Specialists advise trying both to see what works best for us. Regarding "break time", it varies from woman to woman. Some like to stall physical exercise sessions of one to two hours a day at home, others sleep with their egg, its port improving according to them the quality of sleep and boosting energy, others still, when the practice has become natural, keep it twenty-four hours without thinking about it any more and make a living.

The numerous testimonies teach that if the first contact with the egg surprises with the freshness of the stone, its presence is quickly forgotten. To further develop his practice, some specialists like Claudie Morizot offer courses to discover the yoni egg. As for Lydia Vasquez, she is one of the first in France to offer training on ethical yoni eggs, natural contraception and menstrual continence in order to help women regain their femininity.

Which stone for which use?

If there are many stones for yoni eggs, the most classic and recommended for the purchase of a first egg is undoubtedly rose quartz. Symbol of sweetness, healing, love, serenity and love, rose quartz "contributes to inner calm, soothes doubts, guides towards serenity and self-love. This stone strengthens self-confidence and softness "according to Lilou Macé, author of" Yoni's egg, the feminine revealed and released "and creator of the site Many then advise to follow the quartz, jade, obsidian evolution. Jade, green, stone of anchor, purity and wisdom, would in turn unleash power. Along with quartz, the stone of sweetness, jade, the stone of anchoring, is one of the stones most frequently used by followers of toni eggs. The use of the obsidian (black), or force of the volcano, which lifts the veil on our parts of shade and allows to integrate them, it seems more than not advised to the neophytes so much it can literally turn upside down.
In addition to these three “classic” semi-precious stones, the yoni egg is available in other materials such as the tiger's eye (brown) to regulate emotions and sharpen intuition. In addition to the tiger's eye, eggs are available with carnelian (red) to overcome anger and promote self-esteem, amethyst (violet) to make the link between spirituality and sexuality (before using the amethyst, we recommend that of jade to do a "cleaning"), aventurine (opaque green) for the emotional or smoky quartz to eliminate irrational fears and drive out negative thoughts. Jasper egg (red), which stimulates libido and promotes lubrication, is recommended for women who have been through the menopause or have irregular periods.

What price ?

Prices do not vary much from one reseller to another. Count 39 euros for the large pierced rose quartz (the base) at Lilou Macé (available on Amazon), 44 euros for the eggs of Yoni by Peggy, the yoni egg in classic quartz revolves around forty euros. Eggs are often offered in sets of three, just to test all sizes or in lots of several stones (around 75 euros for the duo set, up to 150 euros for a set of three eggs, pierced or not). Lydia Vasquez insists: we must not be seduced by overly attractive prices which could have reduced the quality of the stone, its extraction and its polishing.

In what context is its use not recommended?

If yoni eggs can be used without age limit, it is not recommended for young girls who have not yet had sex to do this work on their perineum. It is also not recommended for pregnant women and those who have just given birth. But also during menstrual periods, when our energy, which is already in great demand, makes us less available, and in the case of vaginal or urinary tract infections.

It should also be noted that in 2016, the boss Gwyneth Paltrow was fined by the US courts for € 126,000 for "misleading advertising" of yoni eggs. If since the eggs are still on sale on its site, accompanied by a less "medical" description, praising its mental benefits rather than physical, some gynecologists also want to warn users of yoni eggs against shock syndrome toxic that, like tampons, they could cause in some users. The professionals we have mentioned, Lilou Macé, Lydia Vasquez or Claudie Morizot, offer support, advice and warn against the improper use of yoni eggs. Amethyst, carnelian, aventurine, jasper, jade, quartz … don't hesitate to read articles, take as much information as possible, ask questions and find out about the yoni eggs you want to use. The goal is to gain confidence, to intensify your sexual energy, your pleasure, and to give new energy to your body. Not to spoil it by jumping solo in a new practice.

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