you and baby at 5 months pregnant

The second trimester is usually when the mother feels best. Blossoming, the pregnancy is installed and the mother-child relationship begins to materialize … The essential event of this 5th month of pregnancy is the start of the baby's kicks. The presence of the child will then no longer be felt only by the mother herself, but by the whole family!

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Priority in the fifth month of pregnancy

It's the month of the second ultrasound known as "morphological ultrasound" since the ultrasound machine will tour all visible organs (brain, stomach, kidneys, etc.).

You will be able know the sex of your baby, but if you do not want it, make it clear before you start the exam.

The ultrasound will also look at the placenta, the blood flow between you and the baby, and the amount of amniotic fluid.

This second ultrasound usually takes place on the 22nd week.

The great story of my pregnancy in ultrasound

Your baby's progress at 5 months of pregnancy

  • His muscles: his muscles have gained strength, he does somersaults and will start kicking or vigorously arming.
  • His senses : in particular her sight, which will develop during this 5th month of pregnancy.
  • His nervous system : the brain will complete its development and your child will begin to exercise his thought … and his memory!
  • His skin will thicken enough to no longer show its venous network by the 22nd week.

At the end of the 5th month of pregnancy, the baby has most of what it takes to live, all of their organs are in place, but they still need to develop in order to reach maturity.

At 5 months of pregnancy: The practical steps

You are 5 months pregnant: make an appointment for the2nd trimester ultrasound! LThe doctor examines all of the child's organs in detail in order to detect a particular abnormality. He also notes the location and thickness of the placenta and observes the behavior of the fetus.

5th month visit (3rd visit)

Send his care sheets

Start learning about preparations for childbirth and the future childcare of the baby.

Your diet and health in the 5th month of pregnancy

  • Remember to stay hydrated: drink at least one liter of water a day. You and your baby need fluids. Water plays an important role in preventing urinary tract infections which are very common during pregnancy.
  • At 5 months of pregnancy, cases of constipation may occur. In this case, eat foods rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables, cereals …).
  • 5 months pregnant, you can start doing some breathing exercises that will help you through your full term and around the time of delivery.

Psycho side

Start seriously thinking about first name of your baby because if you give birth prematurely, you would have to name him urgently (you have 3 days to register your child at the town hall and therefore to choose his final first name).

The dad will also have an unforgettable moment: it is on average at 5 months of pregnancy that he will (finally) be able to feel the kicks of his baby!

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