You can now edit your Instagram DMs after sending

Corentin Béchade

March 5, 2024 at 10:01 a.m.


We can finally modify Instagram DMs after sending © Meta

We can finally modify Instagram DMs after sending © Meta

Instagram finally has an essential functionality: the possibility of modifying messages once sent. Enough to hide your terrible spelling mistakes, if you’re quick enough.

Never exactly intended to become a discussion channel in its own right, Instagram DMs have nonetheless established themselves as such, sliding alongside WhatsApp, Messenger or Signal as one of the favorite discussion channels for part of the population. . But the app lacked some basic features until today. This is now fixed.

How to modify your Instagram messages once sent?

In a press release published on March 4, 2024, Meta announced a host of new features for its messaging/photo sharing application. The most important and most anticipated is undoubtedly the possibility of modifying your messages after sending. To use this feature, it’s very simple:

  • Take action within 15 minutes of sending the message
  • Make a long press on your message
  • Choose the option “ To modify »
  • Correctyour message
  • Save -it again

Please note that the newly modified message will have a small “modified” label. Otherwise you always have the possibility of deleting a message and resending it without this gross error which escaped you the first time.

Pin your discussions and disable read receipts

Editing posts isn’t the only new feature coming to Instagram. As Meta announced, you can also pin your favorite discussions to the top of your inbox. Just do a long press on the conversationthat you want to keep as a “favorite” then click “Pin”. You can keep up to 3 conversations (private or group) at the top of your inbox with this new feature.

Finally, Instagram will also allow you to deactivate read receipts for all chats, if you do not want to give more information than necessary to your contacts. It is also possible to do this for a specific discussion. To modify this detail, go to the menu Setting and Privacy choose Messages and replies to storiesThenShow read receipts. From there, enable or disable the option according to your preferences.

In the category of more minor changes, Instagram now also allows you to put stickers as “favorites” to find them more easily in your discussions and to opt for new “themes” in order to make your chat windows stick to the atmosphere wanted.

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