“You can’t forget it”, Julia Vignali on her meeting with Kad Merad


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In a relationship for seven years with actor Kad Merad, Julia Vignali returned to their meeting on a TV set in 2014.

February 17, 2014 is a date that has special significance for Julia Vignali. Invited on the set of “Vivement dimanche” on France 2 this Sunday, October 17, the presenter of “Télématin” returned to her professional career and her new program. For this morning that forces him to “Get up at 3:30 am”, the host admits having a different schedule from that of her companion, actor Kad Merad. “Sometimes he goes to bed when I wake up. But we can have a coffee, him before bed and I when I wake up. It’s true that these are a little complicated schedules but it is that’s the life of an artist. “

A “Artist life” that she has been sharing with the actor of “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis” for almost eight years. Asked about their meeting, Julia Vignali returned to this particular day when she officiated at the presentation of the show “C à vous”. “It was February 17th, 2014. You see, I have the date in mind since it’s the first time I’ve done a live broadcast on television. I host ‘C à vous’ because at the time, Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​taking a vacation. I replaced her exceptionally. And that day, my guests are Alice Paul, Dany Boon and Kad Merad “, she told Michel Drucker. A striking meeting for the 48-year-old journalist. “It is the first time, indeed, that I met Kad. It is not forgotten because I was very stressed, not to meet him but to animate my first direct”, she says.

A discreet couple

Very discreet about their private life, Kad Merad was questioned on the same subject on September 1. Guest of the show “Télématin”, the journalist’s pair, Thomas Sotto, took the opportunity to ask him how their life together was going. “Doesn’t she wake you up at night when she gets up? Doesn’t she make too much noise?”. Questions that Kad Merad had tried to avoid before finally answering them with humor, at the insistence of the journalist. “No, not at all! And then I like this little alarm clock at 3:25, it reminds me that I have the night, again”.

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