You have been using your cutting board incorrectly for years!

The cutting board is a bit of an essential accessory to have in your kitchen. But do you really know how to use it? You may be surprised!

What if for years you misused your cutting board? Indeed, whether it is plastic or wood, this kitchen accessory that we all have at home is not necessarily used as we thought! On social media, an image showing the correct way to use your cutting board is currently creating a buzz. On the other hand, this one does not concern all the boards! It only applies to cutting boards with a small horizontal opening on the side, as in the photo below.

So how do you use this cutting board?

If the opening on the side can serve as a handle (and many of us have thought of only that), it is actually used to slide in the food that we have just cut. This makes it possible not to put it everywhere, and to prevent food from falling out! A situation that happens to us very often in the kitchen … So? Rather clever, isn't it? Test it, and you will tell us if it is better this way!

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Video by Juliette Le Peillet

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