You have to telecommute and you are lazy? Busy Simulator is here

No, that’s really not my case. But hey, just in case, I’ll give you the tip, if you need it, you never know.

For almost two years now, telecommuting has become the norm for many people. And who says teleworking also sometimes says huge laziness. And in the end it is quite normal: difficult to stay positive and motivated all the time when the current atmosphere is rather anxiety-inducing and that the home environment can lead to procrastination.

If you ever feel the need to take some time for yourself, if you need to take 5 minutes of air in the middle of a Zoom call, or if you just really, really don’t want to participate at this meeting on a very boring accounting report, we present you the miracle solution: Busy Simulator.

Try Busy Simulator here.

Busy Simulator, the tool that could save your telecommuting. // Source: Busy Simulator

Busy Simulator, the site that keeps you looking busy

The promise of Busy Simulator is simple: “ pretend to be busy by putting a whole bunch of app notifications “. Created by Brian Moore, Busy Simulator is the tool that will revolutionize your long days of telecommuting, filled with unnecessary Zoom meetings and unbearably long calls with Jean-Luc de la Compta. If you want to escape, all you have to do is press on one of the images offered (such as Slack, Skype, Outlook, or iMessage) for the sounds and notifications specific to these apps to disturb your call. From there, you just have to say that you absolutely have to reply to all of these messages to quietly escape the meeting. Then, it’s up to you to shut down your computer and take a one-way trip to the Caribbean.

Brian Moore, the inventor and developer of Busy Simulator, explains on Twitter that he got the idea for the site after attending a video conference. ” Have you also ever made a Zoom call with someone who seemed very busy because they hadn’t muted the notifications on their computer? He asks in a video shared on Twitter. ” Do you also want to appear to be so busy ? With us, the answer is yes.

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