You know the Fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain, but do you know her true story?

And if Amélie Poulain, heroine of the famous film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet released 22 years ago, had actually led a double existence, that she was not at all the one we think we know so well? The proof in pictures !

It’s a safe bet that you most certainly know Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, the magnificent nugget signed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet who lit up dark rooms for a while in 2001. Almost planetary triumph haloed by four Césars which had melted 32 million spectators in the four corners of the globe, the film had also propelled into orbit the career of Audrey Tautou, irresistible in her role.

If the (mis)adventures of Amélie who spends her time helping others and has her heart on her sleeve are familiar to you, do you know her true story? Because yes, the heroine of Jeunet actually led a double and well-hidden existence that you had absolutely no idea…

It is in any case the sympathetic idea of ​​departure of the scenario writer, who has just delivered a very (but then, very) shortened version of his film of 2001. A version of 6 min 39 to be exact; embellished with archival images to better underline that Amélie was in reality… a spy in the pay of the Soviet Union. Yes Yes ! All the cards are actually reshuffled.

The voice-over text, written by Jeunet, once again makes it possible to happily hear the voice of André Dussolier, who was the film’s narrator. A fantasy to discover below!

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