“You look at this at 10, you’re ashamed”: Jean-Pascal Zadi unearths a racist archive from Club Dorothée in the documentary Noirs en France (VIDEO)

In the documentary Blacks in France, broadcast this Tuesday, January 18 on France 2, actor Jean-Pascal Zadi denounced a racist sequence of the cult children’s program Dorothee Club.

Broadcast this Tuesday, January 18 on France 2, the documentary Blacks in France denounces the racist stereotypes of which black French people are victims. The opportunity to discover the testimonies of anonymous people of all ages and from all walks of life, but also those of public figures such as Yannick Noah, Karine Baste-Régis or even Soprano. The former coach of The Voice notably returned to a particularly shocking event that he experienced at the time when he chained concerts with his group Psy 4 de la rime. “We take the train to go to a concert. We are in first class, we are very quiet. And there, you see the controller coming – from afar! He’s still far from us, he hasn’t even started that he says: ‘Second class is over there!’ Then he sees that our manager is white and he says: ‘Do they speak French?’ (…) So he calls the police, which awaits us when we go down. While we had our tickets and we were going to concerts“, he recounted.

A racist sequence in Dorothee Club

In Blacks in France, viewers also discovered the testimony of Jean-Pascal Zadi, who unearthed a racist archive of Dorothee Club. “There was a song by Dorothée which was She swallowed the machine swallowed. There were black uncles who were dressed in skin and stuff like that. Dorothy was in a pot and they were going to eat her“, denounced the actor awarded the César for best male hope for his film simply black. The 40-year-old then remembered the feeling that came over him when he discovered such images when he was a child. “You look at that at 10 years old, you’re a little ashamed. You say to yourself: ‘But that’s us?’ “.

This other cult show accused of racism

This isn’t the first time an iconic 90s show has been accused of racism. Last November, several sequences of the cult game Pyramid broadcast in Sofa 95 had caused a real outcry on social networks. And for good reason, we saw Pepita, the co-host of the game, being compared to a monkey and facing sexist remarks from her comrades. A controversy in the face of which the main concerned had defended Patrice Laffont. “This is a montage, these are not complete images!“, she was indignant in TPMP. “I will never tolerate, I am enraged, that we can accuse Patrice Laffont, Pyramide of racism and misogyny. These people have really protected me!

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