“You look good together”, has Charles’ ex found love again?

Véronique, discovered in season 18 of Love is in the Meadow, has she finally found love again after her breakup with farmer Charles? This photo makes Internet users doubt. We tell you everything.

Love is in the meadow will come back soon M6 for a 19th season. Indeed, the portraits of the farmers have already been revealed and Karine Le Marchand has subtly started to tease this new season by revealing that there is “hot women”. But before the launch of this new season, it is the candidates of season 18 who continue to be talked about. After having heard from Patrice and Justine, we now have some from Véronique.

As a reminder, Véronique was initially Patrice’s suitor. But after being ousted by Justine, she was able to find comfort in the arms of Charles who had not received any interesting mail. And it was during a karaoke evening with Patrice and Justine that the two lovebirds started to get closer. A turnaround that no one saw coming.

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Véronique separated from Charles because of her jealousy

And despite their more than promising start to their romance, Véronique and Charles finally ended their relationship. During the assessment, Charles explained that he had separated from Véronique because of his fits of jealousy frequent.She was jealous of my ex-wife, she wanted me to have no contact with her even though I have two children with her, one is 10 years old and the other is 5 years old.” he declared.

An unbearable situation which unfortunately led the couple straight to breakup. But Charles did not stay alone for long since, as he confided to Télé-Leisure, he almost found love again. In fact, the farmer was courted by a suitor from another farmer. Definitely! “I have a suitor from another farmer who contacted me, who came to see me at the farm,” he revealed.

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Véronique in a relationship again?

And if Charles quickly got back in the saddle, it seems that Véronique did just as much. Very active on TikTok, Charles’ ex does not hesitate to regularly update her subscribers. And recently, the former candidate for L’amour est dans le pré shared a photo with a man. In this photo, the man in question embraces her by the waist and rests his head on her shoulder. A posture generally reserved for lovers. As a result, Internet users immediately deduced that it was a new man in her life.

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However, Véronique wanted to make things clear, affirming that he’s just a friend. But this declaration did not really convince Internet users who remain convinced that there is love in the air! “Yes, that’s it Véronique”, or “You look good together, isn’t there love in the air?” can we read in particular in the comments. Business to follow…

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