You should be careful about your data collected from these smart cameras and doorbells

Alexander Schmid

December 02, 2022 at 8:25 p.m.


eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt review © Alexandre Schmid for Clubic

© Alexandre Schmid for Clubic

The manufacturer eufy would be far from respecting its commitments with regard to the security of the data of its users.

The Anker brand, which specializes in security cameras and connected doorbells, is accused of lying about how the video feeds of its products are processed and protected by the company.

Did Anker lie?

According to the manufacturer, the images filmed by its devices are end-to-end encrypted by military-grade technology. A prioriso they cannot be broadcast anywhere other than on the owner’s smartphone.

However, according to a hacker, but also according to IT security consultant Paul Moore, it is possible to use VLC software to view videos recorded by eufy cameras. All you need to do is connect to a unique address on the company’s cloud servers.

This serious accusation was quickly denied by Anker. “ I can confirm that it is not possible to start a stream and watch live footage using a third party player such as VLC “, reacted Brett White, senior public relations manager of the group, with The Verge.

Patches deployed discreetly

The American publication has verified Anker’s statements for itself and assures that after carrying out several tests, it was able to access live images from two eufy cameras several times using the VLC media player. The attempts were made from several locations in the United States.

For The Vergethis is the proof ” that Anker has a way to bypass the encryption and access these supposedly secure cameras through the cloud “. To make matters worse, the media adds that thanks to the information linked to a stream, malicious actors could be able to determine the address of this one.

Paul Moore, who filed suit against Anker, also claims that the company would send images to the cloud, even if this type of storage is disabled in the settings. In addition, he explains that the encryption key used by eufy is available in the clear and that it is the sequence of characters: “[email protected]”.

The Verge specifies that following the publication of its article, Anker seems to have taken measures to correct these security flaws. For example, the method used to get the address of video streams would no longer work.

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