You should never say that if someone is out of touch with their parents

You should never say this to someone who has broken off contact with their parents

Breaking off contact with parents is often a form of self-protection.


Not having contact with the mother, the father or both parents is not as rare as many might think. But talking about it can be difficult and can open old wounds.

Unconditional love for parents: what almost everyone feels at the beginning of their childhood can be lost in the course of life. Usually there are many reasons for this, but there are good reasons, which are so serious that at some point the children decide to break off contact with their parents.

Radio silence with the parents – for many hardly understandable

However, this step is often difficult to understand for the environment. This then leads to conversations that make the situation even more painful for the affected son or daughter. You can find out what you should never say to them in the video.

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