You will never guess the name chosen by M6 for its streaming service

On March 6, 2024, the M6 ​​group will unveil a new streaming platform competing with TF1+, which will have the mission of replacing 6play. Its name will obviously include a “+”, a symbol that has become essential in the world of paid offers.

Does Numerama really have the right to make fun of streaming services that end with a +, when its own premium subscription is called Numerama+? Probably not. But there is still something amusing about the M6+ announcement.

Alongside the announcement of his departure from M6, Nicolas de Tavernost, his emblematic boss, revealed that the group he chairs will unveil on March 6, 2024 a new streaming service called M6+, after the death of the Salto project. This is the replacement for 6play, with the promise of acquiring exclusive programs so as not to be just a simple replay service.

The + is in fashion

After TF1+ in January 2024, which itself was inspired by Disney+, Paramount+, Universal+, Apple TV+, Discovery+, ESPN+, MGM+, Lionsgate+ and, let’s not forget the pioneer, Canal+, the time for M6+ has arrived. Like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon, the M6 ​​group is seeing the emergence of an advertising market in streaming. It positions itself with a “free” streaming service designed to attract advertisers with a more modern formula, supposed to attract even more viewers. Note that the name M6+ was not official before February 13, but that the trademark registration has been known for several months.

The current 6play interface.
The current 6play interface. // Source: Numerama

“We have developed a plan that we will unveil on March 6, around a new platform called M6+”announced in Le Figaro Nicolas de Tavernost. “Our objectives are clear: at least double consumption on the platform with 1 billion hours consumed and triple streaming revenue to reach 200 million euros by 2028.”

How to steal time from Netflix and Prime, which are the two winners of streaming in France? M6 claims to be the leader in the youngest categories, thanks to its popular programs. M6+. It also says it is ready to acquire new programs on its streaming service, so as not to just rebroadcast its own content (TF1 announced the same thing, but broadcasts mainly on its own productions for the moment).

For further

tf1+ micro // Source: Numeramatf1+ micro // Source: Numerama

When will M6+ be available? Probably after March 6, since the company will probably prepare a major advertising campaign to get people talking about the service. Other details will be communicated later, such as the probable presence of a paid version. Today, M6 offers 6play Max for 4.99 euros per month, without ads and with programs in advance.

Source: Numerama EditingSource: Numerama Editing

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