you will soon be able to play it for free before anyone else!

A little less than two years after its announcement, the release of Hades 2 in early access is finally approaching. But before that, Supergiant Games offers us the opportunity to test this extremely anticipated title in preview for free.

To offer us the best possible launch for Hades 2, the talented independent studio Supergiant Games will indeed very soon launch a technical test. We explain how to participate and what it involves.

Hades 2 will soon reveal its new techniques

Hades 2 is definitely one of the most anticipated indie games of the year. With Hades, the first of its name, Supergiant Games had spoiled us with an absolute masterpiece. Dying over and over alongside Zagreus in his quest against his father, the Greek god of the Underworld, was a divine pleasure. Contrary to its usual, the studio announced a sequel at the Game Awards 2022. This trailer has been seen more than 6 million times, a mark of extremely strong enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, Hades 2 should have been released in early access last year. Supergiant Games, however, clearly needed more time to offer an experience that met expectations. Early access will be launched soon, initially only on PC. But until then, we will very soon have the opportunity to participate in a technical test of the game for free. However, not everyone will be able to receive the sesame, the selection of the lucky ones will be done by registration. To do this, go to the game’s Steam page via your account and click on “Request access” to try your luck.

Very early access for an independent game with hellish potential

With this technical test of Hades 2, however, you should not expect a full version of the game. Very far from it. As its name suggests, this test will allow you to see how the Supergiant Games title runs and to try a first draft of it. The independent studio will thus be able to collect crucial data and gather feedback from participants, in order to release the game in early access as refined as possible.

This is also expected between April and June. Considering the fact that this preliminary technical testing phase will be accessible in the coming days, the early access of Hades 2 should not be very far behind. Fans of the masterful first opus will soon be able to reconnect with this truly Homeric license. This is to help Melinoe, sister of Zagreus, in her quest to free Hades from the clutches of her own father, the titan Chronos. Looking forward to the arrival of this very early access, while waiting for a version 1.0 later!

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