“You won’t soon forget it”: the best film of the week is French!

To help you make your choices, here are the films of the week with the highest ratings by the press on AlloCiné!*


1st: Yannick – 3.7/5

“By going for once to the end of his story, by completely entrusting the keys to his world to the demented performance of the actors, Dupieux reveals the dark and terribly human part of his cinema. You will not soon forget this Yannick. ” By Renan Cros (Cinema Teaser)

“The result is as funny as it is touching and Raphaël Quenard confirms that he is one of the most fascinating French actors to follow today.” By Adam Sanchez (GQ)

2nd: Yamabuki – 3.6/5

“The director knows how to capture the image of people we hardly notice, so many discreet existences persevering in their quest for meaning and rootedness.” By Nicolas Geneix (Positive)

“Precise locally but uneven on the scale of the entire film, the mise-en-scène is especially worthy of its discreet way of restoring the inner world of often silent protagonists.” By Thomas Grignon (Critikat.com)

3rd tied: tropical – 3.3/5

“The timeless universe, the duality between twins, the alien thing fallen from the sky, the nightmarish metamorphosis, the music of SebastiAn: “Tropic” breathes cinema through every pore. And it feels good.” By Geoffrey Crété (Widescreen)

“A singular proposal that deserves the detour.” By ML (TV 2 weeks)

3rd tied: Detective Conan: The Black Submarine – 3.3/5

“Unlike The Scarlet Bullet and The Bride of Shibuya, Detective Conan: The Black Submarine navigates troubled waters, and it’s ultimately for the best. The investigation takes a back seat, the resolution is agreed upon, but it brings its share of emotions. Can’t wait for the rest.” By Amandine Jonniaux (Le Journal du Geek)

“This time it’s for the fans. The Black Submarine makes new connections in the canon and has an amazing moment of drama that stands out with the saga. For the pacing, the James Bond vibe, and ever more means – but it’s still the annual Conan movie.” By Benjamin Benoit (IGN France)


1st: Tropic – 4/5

“The image is magnificent, the visual effects impressive. An original way of dealing with fraternal relations without ever falling into conventional ideas thanks to a deep and sensitive scenario.” By Marina B.

“An excellent surprise! Genre film, unclassifiable, carried by a top interpretation. The photography is particularly neat.” By sydney40100

2nd: Yannick – 3.8/5

“A hilarious camera, brilliantly put together. The actors are flawlessly accurate, serving dialogues that slam and get to the point.” By sydney

“Extremely refreshing, led by actors in great shape. The short format (1h07) works well. It changes, it relaxes, we want more.” By PX

3rd: The Hummingbird – 3.5/5

The particular atmosphere and narration of the eponymous novel by Sandro Veronesi are found very convincingly in this adaptation. By johnny

“A pearl of finesse without ever falling into exacerbated sentimentality.” By sydney

* According to the ratings of the AlloCiné barometer, as of Friday August 4, 2023, for films released in theaters on August 2 with at least 10 reviews for the top press and 50 ratings for the top viewers. These two tops do not include films already released once or several times in France.

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