Young pandemic victim – Corona-positive: four-year-old died in a clinic

Horror scenes took place on Tuesday in the Waldviertel. The mother Manuela Weinstabl, who lives in Waidhofen an der Thaya in Lower Austria, alerted the rescue workers after her son’s lips were swollen blue. She had only done two antigen tests on him on Monday: Both were positive.

Nobody should die that early. On Tuesday, however, it was time for little Angelo after an hour of unsuccessful resuscitation attempts in the Zwettl hospital. Mother Manuela Weinstabl had already tested her son twice with a rapid antigen test on Monday. Because her son had a hole in his heart and suffered from chronic bronchitis, she called the medical service that evening. A doctor came and examined the four-year-old. Blue lips were a bad omen. Not only was the PCR test carried out on Tuesday, the mother also tested the living room test again in the morning: positive again. In the afternoon, the single parent was shocked: Angelo’s lips were blue. She immediately notified the rescue workers. So the boy was brought from Waidhofen to Zwettl by ambulance. A PCR test was carried out there and it was “highly positive”. Very soon after the arrival, the Zwettler doctors had to start the resuscitation measures. The mother, who was separated from the authorities because of Angelo, was informed that she should come to the hospital – the little one was not doing well. In the fight for the life of the heart child, the doctors reanimated Angelo for an hour until they had to give up with a heavy heart. The seriously shocked mother Manuela Weinstabl could only see her dead son in the hospital. The hospital also took care of souvenir photos.
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