Young people from Nupes dump hundreds of bills at Engie headquarters

A few dozen young Nupes activists dumped hundreds of bills on Thursday in front of Engie’s headquarters in La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine), in order to protest against “those who profit from soaring energy prices”. on the back “of the most modest”. “These bills, we are not going to pay them, we are going to return them to Engie”, exclaimed Emma Fourreau, co-responsible for the Young Insoumis, overturning a full wheelbarrow on the forecourt of the energy company’s tower, a observed an AFP journalist.

Around her, several activists chanted “The young in the galley, the old in misery”, brandishing signs like “If the climate was at the CAC 40, we would have already saved it”. “The government is making publicity stunts with turtlenecks while millions of young people have to do with their underheated 10 m2”, denounced Sybille Douvillez, from Place publique Jeunes, at the microphone.

“A profiteer of people’s misfortune”

“The efforts, we have already been making them for years, last winter a third of the young people were cold”, added the national co-host of the Young Ecologists, Camille Hachez. This action also aimed to promote the “march against high cost of living and climate inaction”, organized by the political and associative left on Sunday in Paris.

Its linchpin, LFI deputy Aurélie Trouvou, present on the spot, mocked in Engie “a profiteer of people’s misfortune”, who “gorges with a doubling of its turnover in one year”. According to her, “the first responsible are Emmanuel Macron and the government who refuse to tax the super-profits, to block the prices of basic necessities and to increase wages”.

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