Young vaccination audience – test bus mutates into vaccination bus and drives to open air events

If the prophet does not come to the mountain, the mountain must come to the prophet. Regional Councilor Martina Rüscher has taken this saying to heart and has turned the Corona test bus into a vaccination bus. The timetable is not yet fixed, but in any case it will start its Ländle tour on July 12th.

The test bus, which had made its rounds in Vorarlberg in the past few months, was a successful model. What could be more obvious than to turn this bus into a mobile vaccination station? A concept is currently being worked out in the Landhaus for precisely this purpose. The accelerator pedal should be depressed as early as next week, the destinations are major events of all kinds.

We are thinking of going to big football matches as well as music festivals such as the Open Air Scene or the poolbar festival, which even asked the state whether the state could set up a mobile vaccination station on site. The autumn fair could also be a stop.

How exactly the timetable will look like can be found on the country’s homepage from July 12th. The vaccine is inoculated by Johnson & Johnson, because no second vaccination is necessary. Everything is done with a spade. The vaccination bus is intended to support the country’s efforts to get as many people as possible to decide in favor of a vaccination after all.

Three quarters are still missing
The vaccination rate is very low, especially among young people. Only 3,660 children between the ages of 12 and 15 have received an initial vaccination, 420 more are registered for it. “But we are still missing three quarters of the young people,” said Regional Councilor Rüscher.