Your next e-bike? Hydrogen bike including H2 generator available in Germany


You can also buy a hydrogen bike for the price of a mid-range e-bike. The Youon Y800 is now available in Germany.

Components and frames don’t come from the top shelf, but the Youon Y800 runs on hydrogen and has a fuel cell. (Source: manufacturer)

Many people have not yet written off hydrogen as an energy source for all types of vehicles. A hydrogen airship is even expected to take off soon. However, the range of cars, motorcycles and e-bikes is virtually negligible.

And even if you have identified your dream vehicle with the alternative energy source, the question remains where the hydrogen should come from. The solar and photovoltaic provider Wandaa wants to provide answers to both questions at the same time and is offering a hydrogen e-bike including an H2 generator for home use as a package.

The associated one "Hydrogen Home Generation Station" weighs around 18 kilograms.

The associated “hydrogen home generation station” weighs around 18 kilograms. (Source: Youon)

The 25 kilogram bike comes from the Chinese brand Youon. The manufacturer also has a foldable hydrogen bike in its range, which we reported on a year ago. A 250 watt hub motor is installed in the rear wheel, which supports pedaling movements up to a speed of 25 km/h. Legally, it is therefore a Pedelec that can be legally ridden on the road and on cycle paths and for which you do not need a helmet, insurance or a driving license.

The package also includes the “Hydrogen Home Generation Station” Q100. According to the manufacturer, the bulky term refers to a box measuring 450 x 220 x 420 millimeters and weighing 18 kilograms, which can produce a tank of hydrogen for the e-bike within five hours using 1.3 kWh of energy. The station is normally connected to a household socket and is ideally operated with self-produced electricity.

The tank in the form of a 390 milliliter bottle, together with the fuel cell built into the bike, should enable typical ranges of up to 60 kilometers before recharging or refueling is necessary. The scope of delivery includes a 2 kilogram hydrogen bottle.

The bike itself is rather inconspicuous and moderately to below average equipped. Braking is done with mechanical instead of hydraulic disc brakes and the Shimano gears with seven gears are not from the top shelf either.

Price and availability

The Youon Y800 is available together with the hydrogen generation station from Wandaa at a price of 3,999 euros plus shipping costs. Shipping costs an additional 98 euros within Germany. We will introduce you to other e-bike innovations of the year here.

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