Your own Flomarkt stand: check out relaxed?

Own Flomarkt stand:
Checkout relaxed?

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Just get rid of junk and make big money? Ha, that would be nice, flea markets are a culture in themselves.

Go on a flea market, they said. It’s going to be fun, they said. It was a hell of a trip. Mucking out days beforehand. Old clothes, shoes that have never been worn, books, decorations – everything should be with you, everything should be removed, if already, then already. In the end I was sitting on seven moving boxes and three XXL size Ikea bags. In addition, clothes rail, hangers and a jute bag with food (after all, the obligatory Prosecco had to be included).

How should I get all of this into my VW Lupo? Anyway, it was late, I was tired and tomorrow there was another day, the day! When my alarm clock rang at 5.30 a.m., the last thing I felt like doing was morning exercise on the stairwell with boxes weighing a kilo to play Tetris on the car. What the heck, I arrived. Only with half the stuff, but well. Hardly peeled out of the car when the first professional dealers came and asked for silver jewelry and electronics – and immediately started rummaging through my boxes with me. That’s not possible! But I finally wanted to cash in. Of course there was nothing suitable for her.

In the next ten hours I had more friends than customers visiting, but they also came, and I rewarded myself with a glass of Prosecco after every sale. It doesn’t matter who drove the car back. And was I really just getting rid of a box? I have to do it again, that’s clear. And more organized. I’d better start packing already.

Guido’s tips

Role model
Dress up, put on your Sunday dress. If you look good, the washed-out shirt looks good too – and achieves a great price.

Little table, cover yourself
Not only are you the star, your table should also be something like a show stage. Build platforms and highlight your favorite pieces!

If there is a lull: invite a few friends who are in front of (not behind) your stand. People attract people!

Mirror Mirror …
… in hand: When it comes to clothing, shoes and jewelry, it is good to have one ready at all times.

This article originally appeared in Guido issue No. 07/2020.