your smartphone will tell you how long the storage memory will still be effective

A new application available on Android 15 should give you information on the health of the mobile’s storage chip. A good way to know if it’s time to think about changing it.

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Unless you always want to be at the forefront in this area, it is very likely that you are looking to make your smartphone last as long as possible. At the software level, it’s already simpler depending on the model since Google announced that it wanted to provide 7 years of Android updates. However, there is no guarantee that the mobile will still be operational after so many years. Like any device of its kind, it deteriorates over time And its components become less and less effective.

The ideal is therefore to have indicators available to estimate the remaining life of our smartphone. Android 15 will do this by displaying new battery health information. But what about the storage memory ? If the chip is no longer capable of recording anything, not sure you want to continue using the device. According to the latest information discovered in Android 15 Beta 1, the developers have thought about it and are planning to give useful details.

Android 15 will give information on the remaining life of the storage chip

In a new application for the moment entitled Device diagnosticswe note a functionality which “returns the remaining life of the internal storage device, as an integer percentage. For example, 90 indicates that 90% of the storage device’s useful life remains“. The aim is therefore to clearly display thehealth status of the chip used for internal memory.

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Not all smartphones will be compatible with this display as each manufacturer will have to authorize it on their smartphones. Moreover, the accuracy of the data will not be the same depending on the models. Thus, some like Google Pixels will have a 1% granularitywhen those of others will be 10%. In the latter case, the interest of the function will be quite limited.

Source: Android Authority

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