YouTube: correcting a so-called video error becomes easier

YouTube will introduce a new feature called “Corrections” to allow videographers to add corrections to their videos, even after they have been uploaded.

Source: Alexander Shatov via Unsplash

YouTube announces with the arrival of a new feature. It is ” Fixes », « which allows creators to easily add corrections as reported The Verge. What to think of the (very) old annotations which also made it possible to display corrections and much more.

YouTube wants to fix a problem well known to YouTubers

Many YouTubers can say mistakes in their videos. But when the video is already online, you can’t edit it to add precision or correct a sentence. One can simply delete the video, fix the error and reupload it, but that means losing the views, comments and likes received.

Today, videographers report fixes via a pinned comment or in the description, but this can easily be missed. Currently, YouTube also allows to add text on a video after publication, but it is not necessarily viable either.

Fixes are coming to YouTube

Function Fixes allows you to add a infomap in a video, which appears in the upper right corner of a video with the mention ” Show fixes “, in the same place as the files (which they refer to links, videos or YouTube channels). Subsequently, the viewers can click on it for ” expand correction notes in video description “.

YouTube’s new corrections feature // Source: The Verge

The media notes that this new feature is made for a very specific use, but could probably be more suitable for videographers. As we can read on the Google support site, it is enough to add the mention ” Correction ” Where ” Fixes , with the timestamp and explanation of the correction. A section would appear after the video chapters. The support states that ” If the channel has active warnings or the content may be inappropriate for some viewers, the correction feature will not be available “. The deployment of the corrections on YouTube should be effective by the end of the month.

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