YouTube is removing a stolen feature that we won’t miss at all

Launched in 2018, YouTube Stories will soon be a thing of the past. The platform announces that it will remove this functionality from June 26. From there to say that we will miss her…

Source: Rubaitul Azad via Unsplash

Stories are an integral part of our virtual daily lives on the various social networks we consult. Snapchat was clearly the instigator during the 2010s, before many platforms – Instagram, Facebook – imitated it in the years that followed. Even YouTube got into it in 2018.

Problem: the most famous video hosting site has never really broken into this area. YouTube Stories, as they are called, have struggled to find a place alongside the millions of content published on the service. So much so that Google simply decided to put an end to it.

Starting June 26

YouTube’s support page announces the color straight away:The option to create a story will no longer be available from June 26, 2023. Stories published before this date will expire seven days after their initial publication“, can we read. Difficult to make clearer and more direct.

Source: YouTube

In France, and still according to the platform’s support page, Stories were still in beta version for channels with more than 10,000 subscribers. This function was therefore limited to creators who were at least popular. It was not intended to reach the general public as is the case on Instagram for example.

The preponderant place of Shorts

Not sure that we miss YouTube Stories in France, as they were so little democratized on our mobile devices. Especially since YouTube Shorts have since taken a prominent place on the platform, whether on the main interface or directly from your subscriptions page.

Much copied during the 2010s, Snapchat inspired many applications. This shows in passing that certain features of the platform with the white ghost sometimes do not really have their place on other networks. YouTube tried it, but YouTube obviously failed.

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