YouTube is serious: Anyone who blocks advertising will be kicked out


Anyone who hides advertising on YouTube using ad blockers will be blocked in the future. The platform is taking ever harder action against the blockers.

In recent years, advertising on the YouTube video platform has increased significantly. Sometimes advertisements cannot be skipped after a few seconds; sometimes several advertising clips are even played one after the other. Many users are annoyed by this. You use the ad blocker to turn off the advertisements. Now there are consequences.

Anyone who uses YouTube with an ad blocker will be blocked in the future

YouTube is now taking even stronger action against the use of ad blockers. (Source: / Afotoeu)

It was already announced in June that YouTube had begun to take active action against users of such ad blockers. Many had reported corresponding displays on YouTube asking them to turn off their ad blockers or to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Playing a video was no longer possible without either of these and was blocked.

As 9to5Google reports, YouTube is now pursuing this approach even more closely. More and more users are reporting that they see such a pop-up, especially when using the browser on a PC or notebook.

A pattern should also be recognizable. YouTube apparently only blocks playback after a certain number of videos have been viewed while an ad blocker has been detected.

On mobile devices, however, this approach currently seems to be less widespread. Of course, the platform also wants to use the campaign to advertise its premium subscription. However, YouTube Premium costs 11.99 euros per month. This is likely to be too expensive for many users, especially since the subscription also includes YouTube Music, which they should at least use.

However, there is a cheaper alternative: We will show you how to book YouTube Premium for 1.40 euros per month and what you need to consider.

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