YouTube: more and more ads, but when will it stop?

Robin Lamorlette

September 16, 2022 at 12:30 p.m.


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Lately, Youtube seems to have doubled down on the proliferation of advertisements.

Many users on Reddit or Twitter have indeed deplored the presence of up to 10 advertisements impossible to pass within the same video, among other grievances vis-à-vis this method of financing adopted by the Google subsidiary.

Ads are on the rise on YouTube

Over the past few years, YouTube users who don’t have an ad blocker or aren’t Premium members have had to get used to seeing ad blockers often. Typically, a video begins with an unskipable ad that lasts a few seconds or a skippable ad when its duration is longer.

An a priori necessary evil, these interludes making it possible to finance the platform and the content creators authorizing their presence in their videos. Little by little, advertisements have gone so far as to slip into the very heart of the videos, at a rate of two to five.

Already a lot for some, and yet it didn’t seem like enough for YouTube. In the worst case, it is now possible to find in a video no less than a dozen advertisements impossible to pass.

A rude way to force subscribe to YouTube Premium?

Even though these cases appear relatively extreme for the moment, one cannot help but think that such a proliferation of advertisements could one day become the norm.

Following a complaint on Twitter about this, Team YouTube replied that these advertisements are only ” bumper ads “, short videos of six seconds impossible to pass. The moderating team then invited the person to ” send feedback directly via YouTube’s dedicated tool “.

A bottle overboard in a way, since YouTube apparently does not see this massive presence of advertisements as a particularly annoying problem. What are 10 short 6-second ads in a 20-minute video or longer, after all?

Or is this a barely forced invitation to subscribe to YouTube Premium in order to get rid of these ever more intrusive advertisements once and for all? Of course, there is also the option of using an ad blocker, much to the chagrin of YouTube, but above all of content creators relying on ads to finance their activity.

Source : Reddit

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