YouTube, Twitch: Squeezie’s GP Explorer returns, who are the new participants?

Stephane Ficca

Hardware & gaming specialist

May 05, 2023 at 2:45 p.m.


GP Explorer 2 © © Squeezie / Instagram

© Squeezie/Instagram

It’s official, the Squeezie GP Explorer is back, with a panel of new drivers.

The GP Explorer 2 will take place on September 9, 2023, on the Bugatti Le Mans circuit.

GP Explorer, second!

On October 8, 2022, Squeezie organized on the Bugatti circuit (Le Mans) its GP Explorer, a Formula 4 race bringing together a total of 22 web personalities, divided into eleven teams. The race, broadcast on the Twitch platform, brought together more than a million viewers, not to mention 40,000 spectators around the circuit.

The 2022 edition was won by Sylvain Levy (of Vilebrequin), followed (closely) by Depielo and Étienne Mustache. After a record first edition, the GP Explorer is back in 2023, with a second version that promises to break everything.

New record(s) in sight!

This second edition of the GP Explorer will take place on September 9, still on the Bugatti circuit of Le Mans. This year, the event will not have eleven teams, but twelve, with a pair of mystery drivers who have still not been formalized.

In total, therefore, 24 drivers will compete, including “old timers”, but also some newcomers. In addition, there is a ticket office which will offer 60,000 seats, ie 50% more than last year.

We already know the vast majority of pairs who will set off in this GP Explorer 2. We will find there in particular:

  • Squeezie / Gotaga
  • Seb La Frite / Maghla
  • Kaatsup / LeBouseuh
  • Etienne Mustache / Amixem
  • Djilsi / Theodort
  • Ana on Air / Maxime Biaggi
  • Billy / mystery pilot
  • Baghera Jones / Horty Underscore
  • Mister V / Theo Juice
  • Depielo / Manon Lanza
  • Sylvain Levy / Pierre Chabrier
  • Mystery stable, drivers to be announced in July

While waiting to find out who will make up the mystery team, the names of the sponsors of each team will be announced on May 24, as well as the respective Formula 4 liveries. It remains to be seen now if this new edition will manage to break a new record on Twitch, which is (more than) highly probable.

In your opinion, who are the three mystery pilots who have not yet been made official?

Source : BFM-TV

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