Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links charts its course and welcomes the Rush Duel, for even more fun

Last month, Konami announced to us that Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links would welcome, as every year since its release, a new world. Except this time, the format Speed ​​Duel used by the game is put aside for the benefit of Rush Duelsince it is the universe of Yu Gi Oh! SEVENS which makes its entrance, for clashes which will be all the more intense with new rules and the cards that go with them, as in Yu Gi Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!!. It is this Thursday September 28 that the players of free-to-play available on iOS, Android and PC you will be able to discover the new features that appear in a traditional launch trailer where the characters from the series are featured.

Trailer in English

In order not to change with the catastrophic choices of localization of the names of the license, most of the protagonists have been renamed in relation to Japan… If the desire behind these changes is to speak to American kids, it would perhaps be more logical not to leave half of the names in Japanese in this case. As for the English voices, they still break our ears, fortunately the trailer also exists in Japanese with the original dubbing.

In short, with the world of SEVENSwe will therefore find the two main protagonists of the series, Yūga Ōdō And Luke aka Tatsuhisa Kamijōas well as their comrades Gakuto Sogetsu And Romin Kirishima. The video clearly highlights the main new features specific to the Rush Duelwith the possibility of summoning as many monsters as possible during the same turn and drawing up to 5 cards during the Draw Phase. The favorite cards of our heroes are also there, namely the Sevens Road Magician And Dragias.

Trailer in Japanese

See you probably next year for the addition of GO RUSHunless Konami surprises us. If you prefer the Master Duelsthe game Yu Gi Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is currently on sale at the house of Gamesplanet on PC for €7.99.

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