Yuriy, 15, beaten up in the street: what we know

On January 15, Yuriy was beaten up in the middle of the street by a dozen people. While the teenager is in serious condition, we take stock of the facts and the questions that remain unanswered.

Friday January 15, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, a dozen people violently assaulted Yuriy, a 15-year-old teenager. The young man was in the Beaugrenelle district with four of his friends when the gang of older youngsters rushed towards them. "When they saw this tape they started to run, but the problem is Yuriy fell ", tells Nataliya Kruchenyk, the mother of the teenager, to France 2. What happens afterwards is atrocious. The assailants begin to beat the boy, a scene captured by surveillance cameras. Punching, kicking, iron bar … The scene being absolutely unbearable, we chose not to relay the video.

The help arrived very quickly on the spot, and an employee of a large area of ​​the district tells that the young man was disfigured. "His face was no longer human. (…) When I arrived, he was still conscious. He told me he was afraid of dying", she tells the Parisian. Yuriy was hospitalized at Necker Hospital in Paris, where he was plunged into a coma. According to Franceinfo, the first medical certificate established mentions a head trauma, several serious fractures to the skull, a hematoma between the brain and the skull, a cerebral contusion, the nose and a broken finger, and wounds in the thigh. Nataliya Kruchenyk says her son, who spent his 15th birthday in hospital, is recovering very slowly. "He starts to wake up, to want to talk to us, to move … It's a very good sign", she explains to BFM TV. With Europe 1, she specifies that he will not remain paralyzed but that, for the moment, he cannot speak.

As Yuriy's state of health begins to improve, an investigation for attempted murder has been opened by the Paris package. For the moment, she is making little progress. Investigators from the 3rd District Judicial Police (DPJ) want to determine whether it is a chance encounter that has degenerated or whether it is an assault with a background of rivalry that has grown to seed on the social networks. On the side of the teenager's family, we do not remain inactive, we want answers. Several calls for witnesses have been launched on social networks, and her mother said on Europe 1: "What I want is for the judicial police to do their job. Yuriy was with his friends, I think some people must know something, I really invite them to go to the police to testify, they must not have fear".

The various speeches of Nataliya Kruchenyk and the dissemination of images of the aggression on social networks have not failed to react, politicians to celebrities, including strangers. Gérald Darmanin thus denounced "an attack of incredible savagery". "The investigation should shed light on the facts and question the perpetrators of this foul act", continued the Minister of the Interior on Twitter. "Good recovery to you Yuriy, I think well of you and yours", "Unbearable images. Strength to you Yuriy and good recovery", reacted on their side Omar Sy and Antoine Griezmann.

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