Yvonne Catterfeld: The singer “really likes being mom and at home”

“I don’t want a nanny who takes care of my son alone for several days,” explains Yvonne Catterfeld in an interview.

Yvonne Catterfeld (42) is back with her album “Change”. The title, in English “Change”, says it all, because for the first time only English-language songs can be heard on it. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the singer and actress reveals the recent changes in her life. In December she can be seen on television in two new “Wolfsland” thrillers, “two of the best films” of the ARD series, as Catterfeld promises. The 42-year-old goes on to tell whether she could imagine a comeback as a coach at “The Voice of Germany” and how she can reconcile her professional and private life. “It’s actually a challenge,” says the singer, who has seven-year-old son Charlie with her long-time partner Oliver Wnuk (45).

Your new album is called “Change”. How did that happen?

Yvonne Catterfeld: Something always changes. The first corona lockdown was decisive for the title. That affected me and all of us, both large and small. I already knew then: The album had to be called “Change”. I wrote that in big bold letters in my notebook.

What big changes have you made in your life?

Catterfeld: I’m a person who doesn’t like change, but sometimes it has to be. Change is scary at first. What I wanted with this album is to call for a change and to say: Now is the time to change something. It is very often the case that we then notice in retrospect – as stressful as these phases are: It was a good thing, it had a reason and it was an opportunity. I looked at the word “change” for a long time and at some point I read “chance”. With just one other letter, that scary word turns into something positive. For me the album fits the current sense of time very well, it was just in the air. There is change everywhere, you have to adapt to the situation with the virus.

Corona infections are currently increasing again. How are you dealing with the situation?

Catterfeld: At first there was still a lot of hope. It was expected to take a year or so. The fact that we shoot with a mask and have to test ourselves every day has now become part of everyday life and normal. I find that very frightening, because of course that shouldn’t be normal.

In December there will be two new parts of the crime series “Wolfsland” in the first. What can you reveal about it?

Catterfeld: In my opinion, they are two of the best films. “Wolfsland” always crosses the crime thriller border a little. This time it’s already in the direction of psychological thrillers and family tragedies. I think both films are very nice because they aren’t just crime novels. I’m not a big fan of crime fiction. I find it boring to keep puzzling over who did what. I find it much more exciting when you really look behind the doors to see what is happening in families.

This time, I find the cases very exciting and very emotional, also quite violent – especially when it comes to the revelation, which of course I am not allowed to reveal yet. What I think is great is that the quality of the relationship between Butsch and Kessie is always different. In “The Sad Sisters” you learn a little more about Viola because she goes to a psychologist. I really like these scenes. The other film, “Bad Blood”, is a great friendship story between Butsch, his ex-wife and a mutual friend. This supposed friendship then turns out to be something very dangerous.

In the current season of “The Masked Singer” you were suspected to be under the pug. However, Carolin Niemczyk from Glasperlenspiel came to the fore. What do you think of the show?

Catterfeld: I check it out from time to time. I really like the show. However, I did not understand why I was suspected to be the pug. I think we have very different voices (laughs).

I think it’s great that there are more family shows with music that you can watch with the whole family. There used to be so many music shows, now there are actually only “The Voice”, “The Masked Singer” and “Sing my Song”. We need more of this on TV!

Speaking of “The Voice of Germany”: Could you imagine a comeback as a coach?

Catterfeld: Yes, always! I only recently thought that it would be really nice to be there again. It’s very familiar and it’s just a lot of fun. I just loved working as a coach. I not only work with the talents, it also gives me a lot in return.

I am still in contact with some of them. That’s really nice. There are always those who have questions or want to send me something. Just recently, for example, I spoke to Michael Poteat from “The Voice Senior” on the phone.

You are very busy as an actress and singer. How do you get your professional and private life under one roof?

Catterfeld: That really is a challenge. But it only works – so for my claim, which I have as a mom – with a lot of rejections. I am very grateful for the luxury of being able to cancel projects so that I can be at home. Anything else would make me very unhappy too. My son clearly has priority one. I used to take him everywhere when he wasn’t at school. This is no longer possible. But I really like to be mom and like to be at home. Much is now possible from the home office. This year I was only in the studio in Munich for four days a month and also shot “Wolfsland”. They are totally family-friendly and make sure that I don’t shoot too many days at a time and that I can go home every now and then.

But it wouldn’t work without my parents. I don’t want a nanny who will look after my son alone for several days. For example, if we parents have to work in parallel, the grandparents are there. I am very grateful for that.


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