Yvonne Woelke: With a bikini photo from the Mallorca shoot, she provokes fans

Yvonne Wolke
Her bikini photo provokes her fans

Yvonne Wolke

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The celebrity looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Yvonne Woelke receives criticism from fans for a bikini photo +++ Katja Burkard enthusiastically wears a mini skirt. +++ Caroline Beil: She surprises her fans with a change of type. +++ Andrea Berg: She freaks out the fans with her look.

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March 2, 2023

Yvonne Woelke: She can’t score with the fans with the bikini photo

Secret affairs, hot bikini photos on Instagram: Yvonne Woelke, 41, likes to provoke. But with her latest snapshot on the social media platform, the actress is going a little too far, if her fans have their way. In a fiery red bikini, the 41-year-old poses in the sea and looks lasciviously at the camera. For the shoot, she had her eyes made up into dark smokey eyes, her blonde hair is casually styled back and her skin looks perfectly firm and tanned. The photo was taken in Mallorca. What for some is the image of a perfect bikini photo, however, is largely met with criticism from Yvonne Woelke’s followers.

A follower writes: “Why are you provoking again?”. Others criticize that the actress may have edited the recording. “Is it possible without photo editing?” Asks a follower. Another agrees: “This picture has nothing to do with reality”.

March 1, 2023

Katja Burkard: The moderator shows her well-trained legs

Opera ball, skiing holiday and and and: Katja Burkard, 57, is currently busy. Now the moderation reports back to her followers with an outfit photo of the recordings from point 12. She poses skillfully on a chair in a checkered miniskirt and a bright turtleneck sweater. However, the fans only have eyes for one thing in the pretty photo: Katja’s well-trained legs. So nicethe legs!, writes a follower. Another raves: You look stunning Katja!.

February 28, 2023

Caroline Beil: With unusual curls, she inspires her fans

Blonde, long mane: That’s how you know Caroline Beil, 56, who has remained true to her beauty line so far. Now the presenter shows up with a change of type that has it all. With a bouncy curly mane, she surprises her followers on Instagram. She writes: “New week, new look! How do you like it?”

And her fans answer between lots of flame emojis: “You look great” or “Lovely as always.”

The new hairstyle is popular — and it’s not permanent at all. In her caption, she continues: “Thanks to dear Marie Amière for changing me completely with a wig from her portfolio.” Her followers are probably a little disappointed, because the change in type suits her really well. For a user it is mainly the dark hair that has done it to him. Whether she might not be thinking about a permanent hair change in the near future…

February 27, 2023

Andrea Berg makes the fans freak out in the glittery mini

The fans of Andrea Berg, 57, are used to sexy stage looks. With her latest look she’s on the records of Giovanni Zarrella-Show, she makes her followers rave. In a super-short mini dress with a sweetheart neckline and elegant mirrored sequins, she shows off her well-trained figure. The fiery redhead wears her mane in sexy, voluminous curls.

The response under the photo on Instagram is clear: Wow Andrea! You’re so sexy! and Hot, hotter, Andrea! are just a few of the many positive comments.

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