Zach Braff: Emmys 'In Memoriam' video pisses him off

Zach Braff believes the Emmys 2020 "In Memoriam" video missed key people. He vented his anger.

Actor Zach Braff (45) lost two colleagues in 2020, whom he also called his friends. Sam Lloyd (1963-2020), his former "Scrubs" co-star, died in May at the age of 56 from complications from cancer, and in July Nick Cordero (1978-2020) lost the month-long battle at the age of 41 COVID-19. While the latter was primarily a Broadway star, he also had a recurring role on the "Blue Bloods" series. In the "In Memoriam" video of the Emmy Awards 2020 on Sunday (September 20), neither actor was thought of.

Braff is disappointed on Twitter. He makes it clear that Cordero's absence in the commemorative video was in no way due to the lack of efforts of his supporters. Braff explains that the people responsible have made a case for its acceptance. Let the answer come in: "We assure you that his name was considered for inclusion on the list. With so many people dying in any given year, we simply cannot ensure that any particular person will be included, nor do we give the names of those who are included People known before the broadcast. "

"More TV references than most actors"

Also missing in the "In Memoriam" video was Braff by his own account, his colleague Lloydwho played Ted Buckland, a devoid of self-confidence in the hospital series "Scrubs". Braff would have "never considered" having to do real advertising for him so that he would be noticed in the memorial clip. After all, Lloyd has "had more TV references than most actors I know". In the course of his career, Lloyd has appeared in over 30 series, including "Desperate Housewives", "The Middle" and "Modern Family".