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Do you feel stressed? Disney has the solution to relax! The Disney + platform has just launched a series with the most soothing scenes from its films.

In the midst of a health crisis, the current period can be particularly stressful. If you're feeling a bit on edge and need a moment of relaxation, you can have a nice hot bath, drink your favorite herbal tea or … sit comfortably in front Disney + ! Indeed, the online streaming platform has just launched a whole new series that promises to erase your worries in no time.

Disney + created a series of 10 episodes that focuses on the most soothing scenes famous society films, Lion King at Snow Queen Passing by Moana, Mulan, Peter Pan or Aladdin. Titled Zenimation, the series includes episodes of five to seven minutes to allow you to soak up the images, sounds and feelings of these cinematic moments, both magical and calm, in order to completely relax your mind.

These episodes are already available on the streaming platform. Disney + released a trailer that just makes our mouths water. "Indulge your senses. All episodes of the #Zenimation from @DisneyAnimation, an original series, are now streamed on #DisneyPlus"wrote the company via his account Twitter. We can then see Pocahontas who breathes a good breath of fresh air, Aladdin and Jasmine who rest quietly on their magic carpet and dream in blue or Elsa, Snow Queen, who gallops on an icy sea enjoying his freedom, without forgetting Stitch who sails on a surfboard above a turtle in the ocean. This trailer immerses us instantly in the universe of our favorite characters Disney and we feel much better.

Zenimation seems like a good way to relax after an intense day. What could be better than finding serenity alongside Elsa, Anna, Aladdin and the others. These soothing and magical little minutes are what we needed to find calm and zenitude.

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Video by Clara Poudevigne

by Sarah Chekroun