Zenless Zone Zero: hoyoverse publishes info on Nicole, one of the sexiest characters in the game

Zenless Zone Zero: hoyoverse publishes info on Nicole, one of the sexiest characters in the game



To keep its growing community waiting even before its official release, Zenless Zone Zero provides key information on the game’s characters and factions. Hoyoverse recently published a portrait of Nicole Demara, from the Gentle House!

In Zenless Zone Zero, the lore is underpinned by rivalries and relationships that drive different factions. It seems that Hoyoverse has chosen to reveal packets of information on each character in its next game. Very recently, the publisher unveiled a first portrait of Nicole Demara, from the Gentle House ! This is a female character who is undeniably among the sexiest of those seen in the trailer.


Nicole Demara is a member of the Gentle House faction. She is also related to Anby Demara. After spending several years outside, Nicole has forged a very pragmatic and astute character. Her peers call her “smarter than a hare”. Cunning is undoubtedly his major asset. She is the founder of the Lièvres Rusés agency, which has the particularity of having finances constantly in the red…

Nicole is constantly running after the bonuses, in order to be able to replenish the coffers; she always seems ready to go on a mission in the streets of New Eridu

The Gentle House Faction - Zenless Zone Zero
The Gentle House Faction


As we can see in the trailer, Nicole carries a small briefcase which can be transformed into a heavy weapon.

Zenless Zone Zero

We will probably have to wait a few more weeks to obtain more information on Nicole as well as on the other characters of her faction. Its stats and gameplay are still very mysterious at the time of writing these lines. However, she remains one of the leaders of her group, and if the game is a gatcha, she should logically be among the most difficult characters to obtain…

The very first trailer for Zenless Zone Zero turned out to be a pleasant surprise for hoyoverse fans. But when we look at the video viewing stats, we realize that it may bode a real video game tidal wave. Enough to overshadow Genshin Impact?

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