Zero rate for the bank book, crazy price transfer… The 5 money news of the week

Very poorly paid bank accounts in large banks like La Banque Postale, bank transfers which can cost a small fortune in certain establishments Here is the recap of the 5 money news of the week.

Analysis of the week: Why the savings account rate of the big banks is bad

0.05% gross at La Caisse d’Epargne or even 0.10% at BNP Paribas… The rates for bank accounts offered by large traditional banks are often very reduced. Much lower than those displayed by online banks and brokers with remuneration boosted up to 5.5%. Why are there such differences between brands? Here are some elements of explanation.

Comparison of the best bank accounts

The figure of the week: these banks which increase the price of instant transfers beyond 10 euros

The new European regulation on instant transfers has just come into force and French banks will soon have to make this means of payment free. In the meantime, some increase its price beyond 10 euros thanks to a particular trick: billing by level of amount.

The question of the week: should you rely on an online bank to obtain cheaper credit?

The real estate loan market is recovering. Rates are falling and borrowers are returning. In this context, should you rely on an online bank to obtain even cheaper credit? Find out the answer in this article.

Comparison of online banks

The tax article of the week: the list of income and benefits that escape your declaration

Normally, all income is taxable. But in practice, this is far from always being the case. Overtime, tips…Many elements must not be indicated to the tax authorities. Here’s what you need to know before filing your 2023 tax return.

Find all our advice for filing your income tax

The most read article of the week: These tax credits that you should not forget to claim

1046 euros: this is, on average, the amount of tax credits received by 8.1 million tax households in 2023. If you have your children under 6 looked after, if you use personal services or any other home employment, and if you join a union, then it is up to you to claim your credit when filing your income tax return. Explanations.

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