Zurich cantonal police: new commander appointed

The 45-year-old will succeed Bruno Keller on January 1, 2023.

“I’m happy to be following in big footsteps”: new commander Marius Weyermann.


The Zurich canton police gets a new commander, and a fairly young one at that. Marius Weyermann is only 45 years old. Since graduating from the police academy in 2000, he has had a meteoric career. Today he is head of the security police and at the same time heads the traffic police on an interim basis. In particular, he is said to have distinguished himself in the recent crisis. This is what Zurich Security Director Mario Fehr said when the new commander was presented.

Among other things, Weyermann was one of the three officers who were sent to the health department at the beginning of the corona pandemic to support them in crisis management. The thing was a great success, says Fehr. Weyermann showed a lot of leadership there. Fehr describes him as a “force tranquille”, as someone who exudes calm and authority in equal measure.

Weyermann’s predecessor, Commander Bruno Keller, who was in office until the end of the year, also praised his successor for always remaining calm and making good decisions, even under great pressure. At the same time, he brings with him a great deal of expertise and social skills. The people of Zurich could rely on him. Keller is retiring after 45 years of service.

Weyermann will not only be responsible for purely police matters, but is also head of the cantonal management organization. This is used, for example, in the event of severe flooding or other major events and crises such as a pandemic.

The new commander also emphasized to the media how varied police work is. “You work with people and make a contribution to the common good.” In his new role, he wants to ensure that the cantonal police remain modern and at the same time ensure that they continue to enjoy the trust of the population.

It is also important to him that the police continue to act with foresight in order to prevent crime. If they happen anyway, it’s about clearing up the cases as quickly as possible. “To do this, we have to stay close to the population and to social developments.” Good cooperation with police corps from other cantons, but also beyond national borders, is also key.

But Weyermann left no doubt that the cantonal police are already doing all of this: “I’m looking forward to being able to follow in the big footsteps of my predecessor.”

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