Zurich District Court finds former police officer guilty

A married father did not want to accept the separation from his girlfriend – with her he has a son.

In court, the private prosecutor’s lawyer described the accused’s behavior as “scary” for “an honorable member of society”.

Christian Beutler / KEYSTONE

The man is a married family man and had an extramarital relationship. The beloved became pregnant and had a child from him. There were conflicts, the two attended couples therapy. When the woman informed him during the session that they would never be a couple again, he is said to have asked “in a very loud, agitated manner” whether he had to kill their son. That’s what the indictment says.

When the woman on the way back in the car asked the suspect to return the keys to her apartment, he is said to have asked her to stop so he could go to the office and get his gun. The man was a police officer but no longer works in security.

According to the indictment, he is said to have told the woman that if he had to give her the keys back, he would be forced to kill the child, the woman and himself. He is also accused of months of stalking. The indictment is 133 pages long. 129 are Skype and e-mail logs that give an excerpt from an intensive correspondence that the accused and the woman had with each other for a year and a half.

In it, the accused repeatedly announced his suicide and expressed a wish for death or demanded information about the whereabouts of the child and wife. According to the indictment, the woman maintained contact against her will because she felt obliged to respond to the massive threats of suicide and to have a calming effect.

“I didn’t want to be a lover”

The prosecutor has applied for a conditional fine of 120 daily rates of CHF 90 and a fine of CHF 2,700 for multiple, sometimes attempted coercion and trespassing. She does not have to appear in court in single-judge proceedings. In addition to the accused, the child’s mother is also questioned in court. The two are never in the same room together.

The woman, an academic and business executive, says she made it clear to the accused that she would not be his lover. The accused did not accept this and continued to demand intimacy. She took his threats seriously.

He told her there were three bonds between him, her and the child. If she cuts a bond, that’s his job to kill everyone. She was disturbed by the cool, calm, considered way in which he said this. She was only concerned with protecting her son. That’s why she tried to appease him: “I tried to make him feel as good as possible.”

In addition, for a long time she was afraid that people would not believe her if she reported him to his colleagues because he was a police officer and she was not. The woman can not contain her emotions several times.

tears and prayers

But she’s not the only one shedding tears. The accused howls and sobs at times like a lock dog, but can always flip a toggle switch in a matter of seconds and give a calm answer. He never threatened the woman or forced her to do anything. He calls her a liar. He is an honest, loving father and prays to the Holy Mother of God every day.

Regarding the statement made during couples therapy, he explains that in his desperation and state of shock he asked a stupid question. – It was a stupid, sarcastic question that was taken out of context by the prosecution, his defense attorney double-checked.

The child’s mother is a great manipulator and has “followed a perfidious strategy”. It was about excluding the father from the life of the child. She was never afraid of him. There is no evidence and the criminal offenses are not fulfilled. The defense attorney requests an acquittal. The private prosecutor’s lawyer emphasizes the accused’s self-centeredness and describes his behavior as “scary” for “an honorable member of society”.

The Zurich District Court found the man guilty of multiple coercion and trespassing. He receives a conditional fine of 100 daily rates of CHF 120 each. He has to pay the private plaintiff a court fee of 35,000 francs for her legal fees.

Judgment GG200 105 of January 13, 2022, not yet final.

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