Zurich entertainer in the Engadin – Christian Jott Jenny remains mayor of St. Moritz – News

  • Zurich entertainer Christian Jott Jenny will remain mayor of St. Moritz for another four years.
  • The trained opera singer and cultural manager Jenny prevailed against the local challenger Martin Binkert.
  • The independent 43-year-old Jenny scored 757 votes, for middle man Binkert 644 voters voted. The turnout was 57.6 percent.

As in the election four years ago, Jenny positioned herself as a bold lateral thinker who brings a breath of fresh air to the sedentary posh resort. He sees himself as a “lobbyist for St. Moritz” and wants to give the place a face.

During the election campaign, 50-year-old Martin Binkert emphasized that he was born in St. Moritz. The technical director of the airport in Samedan and the St. Moritz municipal council presented himself as a down-to-earth doer who could bring the executive committee back into local hands.


The defeated Martin Binkert on election Sunday in St. Moritz.

key stone

Unlike Jenny, Binkert wanted to focus less on tourism and more on “the real main tasks of running a community”.

He did not convince the majority of those entitled to vote in St. Moritz. They opted for Jenny’s unconventional style for another four years – and thus for a mayor who is always singing on the stages in the Mittelland.

Surprise success in 2018

Jenny’s election as mayor in October 2018 was a sensation, especially since the man from Zurich in the Engadine was practically only known as the dazzling organizer of the renowned Festival da Jazz in St. Moritz.

To the great surprise of many, however, he then managed to force the then mayor, Sigi Asprion, out of office. Jenny said at the time that young people from St. Moritz had asked him to run for office.

He himself has noticed a certain dissatisfaction among the population for several years. There is not much left of the pioneering spirit that made St. Moritz a world-class brand. He wants to reawaken this pioneering spirit.

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