10.36 liter displacement – General Motors brings a V8 engine with over 1000 hp!

In times when electromobility has long been swinging the scepter, news from the USA makes one sit up and take notice: This week, General Motors presented its most powerful internal combustion engine to date.

The engine is called Chevrolet Performance ZZ632 / 1000, with the two numbers referring to the displacement in cubic inches and to the power. The V8 has a displacement of 10.36 liters, delivers 1018 hp (1004 hp) according to DIN standard and applies up to 1188 Newton meters of torque to the crankshaft.

The Big Block reaches its maximum output at 6600 revolutions per minute, the maximum torque is reached at 5600 revolutions. At 7000 rpm. the red area is reached.

The ZZ632 / 1000 is a further development of the ZZ572 with 9.4 liter displacement, but has more bore and stroke and also some other modifications, including to the cylinder heads. The crankshaft and connecting rods are made of forged iron, the pistons are made of forged aluminum. The petrol injection takes place via eight injectors.

The engine will be available to buy, but not in a production vehicle. The ZZ632 / 1000 is sold as a “Crate Engine” through the Chevrolet Performance dealers and is delivered to the customer in a crate. He can then install it in a car of his choice – preferably for the quarter mile races popular in the USA.

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