140,000 undeclared swimming pools identified by the tax authorities thanks to AI

Thousands of owners have been caught by the tax authorities for not having declared their swimming pool. This is what reveals the annual anti-fraud report published this Wednesday by the government. And that risks costing them dearly.

This is one of the areas of progress in the fight against tax fraud: tracking down buildings not declared by owners who thus escape an increase in their property tax. The innovative Land project based on artificial intelligence automates the exploitation of aerial shots.

Last June, the tax authorities sent a message to more than 120,000 swimming pool owners who had been detected across all metropolitan departments, to invite them to regularize their situation.

This Wednesday, in its 2023 annual report on the fight against fraud, the government announced that 140,000 swimming pools had been detected. Enough to allow local authorities to collect 40 million euros in land tax, reports Le Figaro which quotes the Minister of Public Accounts, Thomas Cazenave

All the taxpayers concerned received an email or letter from the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) inviting them to regularize their situation.

To do this, simply declare the swimming pool online via the Real Estate service, from the specific area accessible on the scuris impots.gouv.fr website.

Pay fines

In this space, in the list of premises, the swimming pool detects theoretically, according to the DGFiP, an expected land declaration label: It is then sufficient to indicate the tax elements of their swimming pool (date of completion, characteristics of the property). swimming pool, pool surface).

The Minister of Public Accounts also declared that AI would also be used in the future, in particular, to identify all undeclared buildings. We can think in particular of outbuildings and other garden sheds.

Depending on the degree of violation, fraudsters risk several fines. First 150 euros for non-declaration of real estate, new obligation for owners in 2023. Then possibly the basic fine for non-declaration of urban planning: 1200 euros minimum. And then the regularization of property taxes not paid in recent years for undeclared property, with a possible increase.

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