15 adorable photos of premature babies that will give you hope

Giving life to a premature baby can be difficult for some parents. These pretty pictures of baby warriors will give them hope.

When he … she points the tip of his nose a little too fast. In France, it is estimated that between 50,000 and 60,000 children are born prematurely each year, according to theInserm. Among them, 85% are medium premature babies, 10% are very premature babies and 5% are very premature babies. We speak of average prematurity when the child is born between the 32nd and the 36th week of amenorrhea (7 months to 8 months of pregnancy), of very prematurity when the birth occurs between the 28th and the 32nd WA (6 months to 7 months of pregnancy). month of pregnancy) and very prematurity when the mother gives birth within 6 months of pregnancy (28 weeks).

About 50% of premature births are spontaneous. The remainder are births caused as a result of medical decisions, either because of fetal distress or a health problem in the mother. The management of the child depends on its stage of prematurity. Extreme premature and very premature babies are followed in the neonatal intensive care unit, then in intensive care before joining the neonatal unit when their state of health is stable.

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This ordeal is often complicated for parents and especially for mothers who feel guilty for not having carried their pregnancy to term. However, it is essential to keep hope in these moments and to have as much contact as possible with this little being who is struggling to survive. On social networks, many parents do not hesitate to share adorable photos of their little one’s fight. Images that show us how warriors they are, just like their parents.

Elise Poiret

Journalist specializing in parenthood, Elise writes for aufeminin and Parole de mamans. She is also very involved in the fight for women’s rights. If you only have to remember …