16 ideas for getting started without missing a beat

Want to get into sewing? But you don't know how to get started. Discover tutorial ideas spotted on Instagram and easy sewing tips to get started and gain self-confidence.

DIY or handmade is on the rise! And sewing is one of the flagship disciplines. Learning to sew means giving yourself the opportunity to personalize your wardrobe, make tailor-made pieces, refresh an old garment, make rare and quality fashion pieces or coordinated accessories. It is also a discipline that develops self-confidence. You are so proud of succeeding in making yourself an item of clothing or accessory that you quickly become addicted to it!

To get started, nothing better than easy-to-make projects that allow you to learn and become familiar with sewing little by little while being satisfied with the result. We have selected a series of sewing projects to get you started. But first are you well equipped?

Which sewing machine to choose for a beginner?

The brands of sewing machine the most famous in France are Singer, Janome, Pfaff, Brother and Elna.
They all have more or less the same reputation in terms of quality and functionality. What will make the difference is your affinity with their design, the location of the buttons or the features they offer to facilitate sewing.

To make your choice, start by refining your needs. What is your budget ? How often do you plan to sew? What types of projects do you want to get involved in? What kind of fabric do you want to use? How much space do you have for sewing?
Depending on the answers, you can more easily find a sewing machine suited to your needs.

  • If you have a good budget, the ambition to work on thick fabrics or leather, a suitable storage space, then a electronic sewing machine mid to high end will suit you better.
  • If your budget is smaller and your projects are occasional then a mechanical sewing machine is more than sufficient. A little less manoeuvrable and powerful than the electronic ones, however, they have the advantage of offering the essential functions for sewing and of being more easily repairable in the event of a breakdown.

You can also borrow or pick up an old sewing machine, time to familiarize yourself or refine your needs. Old machines have nothing to envy to new ones. What is evolving above all is sewing comfort, ergonomics and the number of options or stitches available.

Many shops or haberdashery offer to try the machines on site. Do not hesitate to take this opportunity to form your opinion and see which one you are most comfortable with.

Our sewing machine recommendations:

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Once you have your machine and the necessary equipment, you are able to start your learning process. Find out now our selection of varied and easy tutorials to get started in sewing.

Sew on washable makeup remover wipes

This is the easiest tutorial to learn to sew. Two squares sewn right sides together, a continuous straight line, right angles and voila! The secret to successful wipes? The choice of fabric! Choose organic cotton in soft jersey for one side and poplin for the other.

Sew a basket

Lined on the inside, with the upturned edge, these baskets are perfect for storing your makeup removing wipes, your lingerie, your beauty accessories or any other small accessory to compartmentalize. Enough to wake up the Marie Kondo that lies dormant in you!

A model proposed by Workshop By the Way who also gives sewing lessons for beginners in Paris.

Sew a pouch

A basic for beginner's sewing! The pouch or loose pouch slips into a bag or luggage to protect your precious goods or to do your shopping … in bulk!

Sew a tote bag

We don't need to introduce it anymore, the tote bag is everywhere and it's a very easy project to do to start sewing! Adapt it to your needs and to the pace of your sewing progress! Simple, lined, with or without pockets!

Sew a cushion cover

Generally speaking, anything rectangular is quite easy to sew. The cushion cover or the pillowcase will therefore be very simple projects to make in sewing. You will add difficulty by mixing the materials or adding piping or a few buttonholes.

Sew a scrunchie

The darling is this very practical colorful elastic to tie up long hair. It is also very stylish around the wrists. You won't need a lot of fabric or materials for this quick and trendy tutorial!

Sew a bow tie

The bow tie is also a simple sewing project that will allow you to collect your fabric scraps. Easy to do, it will satisfy the whole family, around the neck, in the hair or as a clip on clothing or shoes.

Sew a skirt

The elastic skirt is the first sewing tutorial to make a garment. The simplest model does not require a pattern. Pleated around an elastic, long or short, it will suit everyone! You just have to adapt the elastic to your size.

Sew a kimono

Another easy-to-make clothing tutorial is the kimono tutorial. We assemble rectangular pieces with straight lines. A stunning result suitable for all body types!

Sew a beach poncho

The beach poncho is very practical for changing on the beach out of sight. You can do it with just two bath towels. An easy and practical tutorial!

Find the step-by-step on the Rock and Paper blog

Sew a pencil case

With the kit you will learn how to sew a zipper. A must-have for beginner sewing.

Sew a pie bag

Seamstress Viny offers an easy tutorial on how to make a pie bag. Pie bags, as their name suggests, are suitable for transporting pies. Something to make Bree Van de Kamp jealous!

Sew a pennant garland

To decorate a child's room, at Christmas for the holidays or at a wedding, the pennant garland is a decorative element that always makes an impact. Simply make it with your fabric scraps.

Sew a protective mask

The AFNOR protective mask, the 2020 star of sewing tutorials, is very easy to make. Choose a tightly woven cotton fabric, the day should not pass through. The trick for ties? Use string in stocking st. They will be softer and more flexible for your ears.

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Sew a bib

Among the easy-to-make children's tutorials, the fabric bib is perfect! You can choose it rectangular to perfect your straight lines, or rounded shape to practice in the turns.

Sew a blanket

With the blanket you can unleash your creativity. Give it the shape you want, add soft ribbons, mix materials and colors to awaken the senses of the child. No faux pas possible, as long as it is done with love.

For a cute blanket, there is the tutorial from Chouette kit which proposes to make a small whale. You will find the free pattern to download from their site in pdf format. A great idea for a birth gift!

This list is not exhaustive, you will find on the internet a large number of free patterns for beginners or video tutorials to facilitate learning to sew.

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