18-year-old son dumps pregnant girlfriend, she gives him money she saved for college

A 44-year-old single mother explained on the Reddit forum that she wanted to give the money she saved for her son’s studies to her pregnant 17-year-old girlfriend, when he decided to dump her.

It’s a lost mother who published her testimony on the forum Reddit. This forum helps many people to advise each other following each other’s experiences. Recently, a future father explained that his partner announced the first name of their baby without his knowledge and even though he had vetoed this rare and original first name. This time, it was a 44-year-old single mother who explained her situation, before deleting her Reddit account.

This widow has an 18-year-old son, she works full time and has some savings linked to her late husband’s inheritance. She explained that her son had already dated several girls and three months ago he introduced her to a Lisa, very kind, for which it has become very important. One fine day, Lisa called her boyfriend’s mother to tell her that she was pregnant, and that her parents had kicked her out.

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This mother wants to punish her son by helping her pregnant ex-stepdaughter with her education money

The mother quickly told Lisa to come and stay with her and her son. But Lisa doesn’t seem sure of this decision, after which the mother asks her why she hesitates. The 17-year-old young woman then explains to him that her son broke up with her when he learned that she was pregnant. Furious upon learning this, the mother was really disappointed with her son’s selfish and immature attitude.

So she told him that even if he didn’t want to take responsibilityLisa and the baby would come to live with them and become part of the family. Also, she explained to him that she would use the money saved for her studies to help Lisa and the baby. After which her son, angry, told her that she should be on his side since she is his mother. But the mother told him that he didn’t deserve anyone to be in his camp given his attitude. Following her testimony, the mother received many messages, some of which told her that she first had to make sure that the baby was her son’s. Others said he deserved punishment, but not punishment for not getting an education.


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