2022 Champions League final: Investigation: UEFA failure nearly leads to disaster

Champions League Final 2022
Investigation: UEFA failure almost leads to disaster

The final of the Champions League in May 2022 is almost catastrophic. Chaos erupts outside the stadium ahead of the game between Real Madrid and Liverpool. The Reds supporters cannot get into the stadium and are dangerously pushed towards the goals. Now UEFA is taking the blame.

UEFA bears “main responsibility” for the chaos surrounding the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool (1-0) last May. This is the result of an independent study commissioned by the European continental association itself. As the organizer of the event, UEFA was responsible for the mistakes that “almost led to its catastrophe,” the report said. The prudent behavior of the Liverpool supporters could have prevented this.

The May 28 final kicked off 37 minutes late after chaotic scenes around the stadium. Long queues had formed in front of the entrances to the Liverpool FC fan blocks, there were large crowds in crowded bottlenecks, and the police also used tear gas.

Gary Lineker on the right track early on

UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis apologized again on Monday to all those affected on behalf of UEFA. “I would particularly like to apologize to the Liverpool fans for the news that was released before and during the game which had the effect of unfairly blaming them for the situation,” said Theodoridis. Many fans were reminded of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster that left 97 dead, after which Liverpool supporters were initially also wrongly blamed.

The incidents in Paris resulted in a total of 238 injuries and 105 arrests, and around 2,700 fans with a valid ticket were unable to enter the stadium. According to the French government, a massive ticket fraud had led to the difficulties at the Stade de France. Hardly anyone believed that.

“The fans at the Champions League final bear no responsibility for tonight’s fiasco,” wrote Football Supporters Europe, an advocacy group for organized European fans, during the game. England legend Gary Lineker wasted no words. “Bullshit,” he called the words of UEFA at the time, which also wanted to blame the spectators for the chaos.

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